Will Unturned II have physics?

on unturned 1 there was little physics,from waht i have seen from the devlog seems like nelson has been adding some details to the mechanics.

no it will not have physics of any kind


yeah, it will have chemistry instead


Well suspension and the impact of the vehicle is physics. So is bullet drop because gravity.

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i like being able to jump off a jet and run and shoot and aim wiht perfect accuracy while falling off 5000 feets to the ground and then survive with 73% health and be able to walk until 30 secs cooldown then i can run again


That has nothing to do with physics, Nelson could just change thg\e ability to survive from certain heights. You’re mixing-up several things.

It already does smh.

yeah being able to run in the air while shooting having perfect accuracy is pretty normal i do it every day

If you mean momentum, yes there is currently momentum in the firing range demo and I see no reason as to why he would remove it.

You don’t understand. What you are talking about is not “physics” in a game development standpoint. What would you rather have? Fortnite style skydiving? That’s a whole new feature completely separate to gravity and physics calculations.

gravity is nonexistent on unturned world i guess

If it was the case you wouldn’t be falling smh

gravity and falling off the sky has alot to do withe physics

nope it will defy the laws of physics in every manner possible

There should be some minor kind of physics like suspention Bullet drop Momentum and im sure physics like wind and such will be added too

I have heard from an interview that he wants to make houses Collapse, Maybe it will? Thats just from Zoom B’s Interview Idk if im correct if its this one but he said he wanted to implement such feature. For what reason, I rather didnt hear it or he didnt actually give a reason.

I dunno if that will actually happen tbh

During the interview Nelson said he wants to do that, not 100% confirmed though

shrug I havent watched them all