I thing that wingsuit craftable from leather and sticks would be awesome idea. There should be more advanced and better version founded in houses or some kind of another structures.


We have a glider.
What more do we need?
But a craftable glider with bars and cloth would be a good idea.

Glider isn’t automatic. Wingsuit should automaticly open while jumping.

i’ll be cool a wingsuit

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You can use hotkeys.

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stray the game from the intended vision even more

Seems more annoying than useful if you aren’t trying to glide then. If the gimmick was being able to use other items when gliding, then that would maybe be more worthwhile. Not too big on the “automatic” though.

I agree with this sentiment completely. It would be interesting to be able to use items while gliding although I have no idea how that would be properly balanced.

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What about a flight revamp so it doesnt look like were walking in the air with a glider in our hands?

obviously that is to be fixed

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