Winter Devblog #2

I haven’t done this in a while! Here is a “short update”. Lets begin with the bad news first! I broke my laptop. Here are the problems (it was sent away to the hardware fixers yesterday should take 2-3 weeks)

  1. My 1 Tb hardrive was so corrupted that you cant run it in the pc.
  2. My OS was corrupted
  3. A few of my keys were missing, and some other minor problems
  4. Pretty sure I probably lost ALL data :smiley: which means I lost Winter V1.2.3 (the recentest version I was working on)
  5. Regristy (my partner on this map), has basically lost interest in Unturned, so I am trying to carry this map to completion
    Well that is all for my laptop breaking but, thanks to me knowing how to make notes, and Volcano Cookies Software (NPC CREATOR Discord:, and me knowing how to mostly make NPC’s, I’ve been working on the storyline, and new locations. Also sorry I can’t post any screenshots, as the backup computer I am using is really shitty, and runs Unturned at 10fps on lowest settings. I have made about 6 notes (that will be used rn), and 2 WIP NPC’s. I am still trying to work on Winter except rn I am focusing on the storyline. Have a good day, and that will be it for this Devblog

My Discord:


It’s always good to backup your important files on an external device.
You can pick up like 4gb usb stick for like 10 quid, that should be enough to store a map backup or two.

That’s not how memory works but ok


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