Winter In Unturned

Right Now Unturned has only one Snowy map and that Is Yukon. I enjoy that Yukon has that extra layer of difficulty with blizzards but I think there should be more than that in Unturned II. I like that nelson is doing the snow trails which which is a nice addition. Here are some Ideas I had
-Ski’s For transportation
-Snow plows for easy road access
-Make it hard for normal vehicles to get around
-Ice would form on lakes
-Ice on lakes can break
-with fuel ski lifts would be able to work
-Animals would Hibernate
-NPC’s could sell warm clothing
-Some Kind of Some kind of special zombies would only spawn in the winter

Please take Some of these suggestions into account during the future development of Unturned II.


I think that some maps could have seasonal variation, though only in places with a snowy winter in real life.

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Doesnt the II vehicle demo already have an early version of seasons?

Also, something that would be an interesting feature is the ability to tweak vehicles to suit the environment. For example, one may want to go out and scavenge for winter tires during the fall to prepare for the icy road conditions.

Ingame seasons for maps are confirmed, so most of your suggestions likely are too.

This is confirmed as well.

It’s agreed that animal spawns will lessen, in order to emulate this.

It’s been said that for balance reasons, turned spawns and behavior should be barely affected by seasons. However, turned looking frozen could be a good detail.

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Yes It does have seasons in the demo but I wanted to talk about more idea’s to add onto the seasons as something extra

Maybe zombie’s during winter are stronger but slower and have more health.

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