Wire Tethers/Grappling Hooks

It’d be fun to take a rope or a wire cable and attatch it to a car, and bring down fences or use it to tow other cars.

Maybe you’d need a fairly powerful car/truck to do this, not bring down a fence with a golf cart. But I think this could be a cool idea, you could use it to transport cars with a helicopter, bring down wire fences when raiding a base, and towing cars out of the mud as an alternative to car jacks.


Many helicopters aren’t designed to take this much weight, and I’d rather have this be specific to integrated tethers on purpose built models (such as the Sikorsky S-64, aka the Skycrane).

Skycranes in particular are used in lots of applications in North America, from military to firefighting to industry, and they’d be totally rational as an aircraft option in Unturned II.

Bonus image of a Skycrane lifting two Hueys at once. This thing is powerful!


Yes, i was talking about more cargo/heavy lifting helicopters was what i had in mind

Wouldn’t want to try lifting a car with a Robinson R22.

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