Wires and ropes

soner or later there will be generator and things that need power and judging from more realistic focus there will be wires.
how can we be placing them?
let say you have wire in your hand, you point at a place where you want to start your wire and then you go as far as wire can stretch or you want and place an end of the wire for another to carry on or attach it to a thing that require power.
example of wire/rope stretch: fallout 4 wires and sniper elite wire traps

about ropes. you can make a grappling hook and use it simulary.
first you place begginig of it lest say on edge of the roof and you jump off a building but you won’t be falling you be pushed to the centre of the ropes angle.
you can move
W - forward
S - backward
A/S - swing left/right
jump - up
crouch/lay - down
after you reach rope’s end you can press E+Space to jump off the rope in a deiction or E to release grasp.
you can use addition gear to make your hands free.
no rappelling belt - no hands free
basic rappelling belt - one hand free
tactical rappelling belt - both hands free


About wiring: it’s planned.

About ropes: pretty interesting suggestion, tough there should be furthermore applications for ropes, like tiying up heavy stuff to be moved and making different types of knots for many different purposes (not hanging yourself ofc).

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the wiring is already planned.
the ropes though…I like the idea but when will we really need that? there aren’t many places where we would need to swing across two platforms or high places to climb, but this idea is perfect if we have some high mountains in the new map that cant be reached on foot

Actually, why not hanging yourself? I hope that Unturned II shouldn’t just have a magical suicide button that kills you instantly, but that you should be able to commit suicide in multiple different ways using sharp objects, guns and ultimately, ropes.

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I’d only agree with the usage of guns, explosives or poison (from any source) to intentionally commit quick suicide, since other methods are too graphic or explicit for a game for 9+ age people, lol.

Besides, this suicide theme has been discussed plenty times enough: only guns, explosives or poison, ffs.

That sounds kinky

will there be an inability to commit suicide if you have nothing you can use to kill yourself?

god damn you all for going off topic again.(to UltimateCatTree)
do you happen to know No room in hell’s suicide feature?
the only thing to add in this is quick grayscalling.


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i honestly hope you’re being sarcastic with that post

Plz god no.

I meant more like for dragging cargo, move damaged vehicles by tying it into another, climbing to windows or rooftops, moving through zip lines, restraining people (as alternative to cable tie and handcuffs)… That sort of stuff; rope has such a wide variety of useful applications.


I actually meant exactly that. Idk why the heck do we still have to deal with these:

An also these:

No way! FFS just no!

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That’s an inside joke with a few friends of mine lmao, “You can’t suicide unless you have a rope and you’re within 2 meters of a telephone pole”

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Yeah, wires, ropes, and such being placeable makes sense for towing vehicles, restraining animals, building fencess, and powering machines. The things I could see being useful to connect them to are pulleys, platforms, line shafts, machinery, electronics, fence posts, vehicles, and animals. Some other things that could be placed like this are chains, chain link fencing, barbed wire, razor wire, tow cables, electrical cables, drive belts, chicken wire, logs, and planks.


Your nickname is @anon24515308 for good reasons, I see :+1:

can I chain other players? That would be fun. Being able to detain and handcuff isn’t enough.

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