Work on existing maps vs make new ones?

Should Nelson work on making new maps or work on existing ones by adding new features, buildings, underground areas, etc…
Leme know what you think.

I don’t think the old maps will be compatible with 4.X. PEI was remade between 2.X and 3.X, and I think 4.X will be an even bigger step up.

Definitely a new map. If not, remake PEI larger than the ‘Medium’ proportions in 3.0 so people don’t complain about it being too small (Even though it’s the same size as 2.0 PEI)

But I would certainly recommend a new map. If he wants to, a fictional map


Hopefully PEI is remade in a larger scale with more details retaining the same layout as the ones in previous versions, as PEI has pretty much become the “Iconic” Unturned map.

I would enjoy a tribute to the canada map, tbh.

I just don’t want PEI as the first map. And especially as small and boring as the current PEI is. I mean, come on! All you gotta do is own the military base and you win.

maybe make pei the actually shape of the island

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You don’t like croissants sir ?

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PEI 100% will me remastered because PEI Unturned’s well-known map

I would suggest Nelson making the map much bigger, like adding much more size to Montague, Charlottetown, the Military base, and the rest. Allowing more space for people to scavenge for shit

Other than that, new maps are needed

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I say only remake PEI. PEI was the original map and shouldnt be left behind just because it’s important to Unturned. As for the other maps, i say start fresh in 4.0. I think Nelson should make new maps to keep things interesting. Imagine going into 4.0, full of all these new mechanics and models, then seeing the exact same maps and having nothing new to set your boots on. That would be kind of a let down.

The maps wouldn’t have to have the same aesthetics or layout as they did in 3.X, so using the same locations wouldn’t necessarily feel like a repeat. On the other hand, if the maps would get completely reworked, then there’s no reason that the previous settings would be any more or less attractive than any other locations.

I need that maple syrup, so Nelson, bring canada back or i’ll kill you.

And I need that Canadian bacon.

I think with how limited the weapon sandbox will be for 4.0’s beginnings, a map like Canada would be great because the weapon sandbox during that map’s existence was fairly limited, yet it was handled well anyways.

PEI congested that into a much smaller map and made it a lot less enjoyable.

Personally, PEI could show up, idc, but I’d like either something new as the first map or Canada as the first map.

I’d also like PEI to be added back into the game, but bigger, not necessarily just scaling up locations from 3.X, but also adding back in some locations that have been removed. (Am I the only one who misses the golf course?)

Well, it kinda is an island shaped like a U, so there isn’t much to make bigger except scale up the towns

I think when everyone says to “make PEI bigger” than literally mean make the island bigger.

T H I C C PEI? :thinking:


I did kinda say to make the island bigger

But what i meant is that for some reason, i didn’t want extra towns. Just bigger towns

More Seattles then, or just pre-layout change Stratfords?

A little bit of bit. A small change in how the towns are layed out in addition to the size, adding multiple houses and multiple shops (not to mention bigger buildings)