Working Radio and TV

What do you think about working radio and TV? Suppose a person has a radio at home with music, and another person can intercept the signal using a walkie-talkie or antenna and broadcast what he wants. Or he has a TV where there are prepared videos (as in gta 4) he can switch them, it will also be possible to transfer a picture from the camera or antenna to the TV, it will be well suited for RP servers

I use google translator btw

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That sounds good.

Seems like google translate actually worked for once.

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wait thats illegal

YoU’rE IlLeGaL

But why? Why tho?

The post isn’t filled with errors and mistakes.

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I was more asking why a tv and radio, didn’t even read the comments before posting.

TV could simply be an interactive electronic object in homes that displays random animations when powered. No other suitable gimmicks really.

Radio could just be a music player (Customizable in game files) and a device for speaking to other players with another radio in the same channel

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