Workshop mods won't reinstall

ok i will try more later.

Bro i have another issue and the problem is that i cant download a mod from the workshop.

I also reinstalled the game and it didnt work

“Can’t download” is a bit vague. Can you describe your specific issue / what you’re trying to do in more detail? What mod are you trying to download?

i dont know why my pc doesnt download workshop files.

This is still really vague. What is the specific issue that you’re having?

E.g., are you trying to spawn something from a mod, but it doesn’t spawn? Can you provide a link to the mod that are you trying to download? Does the mod not appear in your in-game mod list, available from the main menu, after you download it from the Steam Workshop?

when i remove all the mods from the workshop content and after of that, i cant download again the mods from the workshop, literally the game doesnt download the mods so, if i verify the game files it say are 4,9gb, when the game are 1,3gb

and sorry for the english :slight_smile:

bro wtf ?

i cant understand the steam XD, why i have the mods in downloads and dont in content

3,9 GB verify the files

That’s a large download just for mods! If you have slow internet, it may just take a while. Alternatively, this could happen if the download is corrupted.

Although it could be an issue with your download region. Steam Support provides steps for changing your download region, here: Steam Support :: Slow Downloads and Connection to Content Servers .

If there’s files currently in the .../downloads directory (like in the screenshot above), and you’re having trouble downloading mods, then they may be corrupt. Try deleting them, and then restarting Steam. That might resolve the issue.