Workshop most popular this week contains a pornographic upload

steam moderators are not taking down, been up since 13th october
name: keluowocaonima
direct link (obv nsfw warning): Steam Workshop::keluowocaonima

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wow yeah that’s pretty bad. I think you should post this in meta rather than workshop

There is also this a few uploads above it Steam Workshop::鸡巴大乱斗(测试)

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I’ve banned both of those mods now (alongside a couple other ones). I’m sorry anyone had to see them. In the future, they can be removed quicker if you report them and then send me an email directly.

Unfortunately, the Steam Workshop report system is very limited in features. We don’t actually receive notifications for reports, and have to go to each individual item’s page to pull up their reports. From there, we can’t actually interact with those reports (e.g., to mark them as “resolved”) except to clear all of them, but we can ban/hide offensive content via a separate interface.

If you see content that’s quite egregious, it’s much quicker to just notify us directly via email in addition to filing a report. It’s good to still file a report on Steam, as this way it’s properly logged on the item/user, and on the off-chance that Steam resolves the report sooner than SDG can. Thank you!


Glad to see that these mods were deleted by SDG staff in a timely manner. I’m happy that I didn’t see any of it.

Okay, now I know. Thank you for telling us

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