Worst feature, addition, improvement, bugfix, or balance change ever added in your opion

I agree with this…

But this argument constantly irked me. Unturned 3 is a game. The content was/is not 100% a replica of real-life, and was never explicitly pushed as a standard for the game to follow. Ranger and Military are not exclusively 7.62mm and 5.56mm, Ranger and Military were general ways to divide up the rarity of ammunition. Creative liberties have been taking in Unturned 3 in many ways, visually notable (and more explicitly stated) with the Ekho, so I am unsure why that of all things broke people inside.

I had no problem personally with them taking ranger magazines, and I am unsure of why that was the big complaint of people when they were, also at the same time (and still) the best assault rifles to use. Russia was a good time to add weapons people had been asking for a long time for, and being broad in the choices rather than exclusively Russian-military weapons potentially allowed for some more (albeit stereotypical) unique concepts. It also allowed for more reusable weapons, rather than guns that would only be found on one map (or via carepackage).

Russia’s weapon rebalancing: definitely questionable. Germany’s introduction of dual-calibers: nifty for modders, but a bad decision to have caved without rebalancing the guns’ stats first. For Unturned 3 I think it’d be fine if they kept their dual-caliber nature as long as all the weapons were reworked/rebalanced.

If this was 4 though, I’d totally understand the issue (assuming there wasn’t a way to modify the guns to take a different caliber in-game). It doesn’t have a place in 4 because it has been explicitly stated several times that the game will be taking a more realistic approach, especially regarding calibers.

Definitely the weapon rebalancing from Arms Shipment + Russia though. Thrown many people for a loop!

Well, I believe so.
But i don’t think you’ll be unsees from 150m away.
However, if you were 300m away, you’d be pretty fucking hard to find. I’ll tell ya that
This is why we dont consider the mata to be a sniper

it really depends on context. obviously if you’re sitting in the middle of a wheat field wearing neon red you’re gonna be seen easily, but if you’re wearing a full ghillie in forest brush that’s fucking hard to see even at like 20-30 meters away. hell, it’s a pain in the ass to see soldiers in standard camo.

Gun classification isn’t based off of gameplay or human error or variables like that.

It’s based off of its designation, and the VSS Vintorez is a designated special sniper rifle. There’s nothing to argue, you’re more or less just putting “what if” and “how about this” inquiries into an official classification. It’s proof of concept. Same goes to @RedCo.

The Matamorez in particular, pre-nerf, was a sniper rifle by official technicality. Now that its been rebalanced beyond realism, one could say it’s a hybrid between the VSS Vintorez and the AS VAL. That’s when calling it a marksman rifle or assault rifle is okay, and the Matamorez appears to be game-classified as an assault rifle now. So just to be clear, @Whistleblower you’re not off the hook either. I do, however, agree that the Matamorez was originally a sniper rifle though.


Classifications are icky.
The BAR, for example, is a LMG, but it’s more of a battle rifle
The Chimera, based off of the G3, is a battle rifle, but in game it’s an assault rifle.

At this point I’ll address anything in an Assault-rifle like package that fires anything larger than 5.56 or 7.62 (.308 & others) as a Battle Rifle unless it falls under a category like Sniper Rifle.


That and the weapon’s role.

A BAR machine gun was designed for doing what a machine gun does; suppressive fire. We (America) had different squad tactics over Nazi forces and as a result used a more lighter weapon designed for “walking fire.” It also featured a bipod to stabilize it for automatic fire. Therefore, these traits obviously make it not a battle rifle.

Remember, role also comes into play, not just how the weapon looks, handles, its caliber, or how it fires.


The worst change was making the pirate cave poop-colored