Worst feature, addition, improvement, bugfix, or balance change ever added in your opion

What do you guys think was the worst thing changed or added to unturned. To me it is the zubec changes.

IMO it was the nerf of the Matamorez, so it was no longer as much of a sniper. I’m not an expert on stats, but I think the older Matamorez was better.

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I think I’m just more biased towards the old Matamorez, rather than it being better. Although the new one is definitely still usable and can excel superbly at combat, I’d still rather just have it be an automatic sniper instead.

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But it’s not meant to be a sniper.

It was originally based off the VSS Vintorez, which is objectively a sniper rifle.

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Alongside what Whistleblower said, it was originally added to 3 (and by extension, 1 and 2) as a long-range rifle classified in-game by the description as a sniper rifle.

Current version is meant to be an assault rifle. We’re talking about the original pre-Russia version before the current version.

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Speaking of snipers, I actually hated the ballistics update

(travel time is actually pretty good, bullet drop needs to be reduced)

He made it like that because the maps are small, but it should start dropping at 100 meters.

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I agree. If realism is part of the debate here, the bullet drop on most guns (especially the sniper rifles) in this game is horrendous. Realistically vertical compensation should not be that significant, but the horizontal compensation is fine.

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It’s a designated marksman rifle

I can’t really say I had an update that tilted me. I mean, I was actually really sad about the Zube changes but it gave it’s place up for the AUG which…I really like it’s scope so it was worth it. (Use that scope on just about every assault rifle)

Never really used the Matamorez so I had nothing to lose there, raiding wasn’t on my mind so that change didn’t matter much, and I love the ballistics of this game. Rather than a point and shoot adventure you actually have to think before taking that shot. Go PvP for a bit and find someone not accustomed to the bullet drop. Shots dropping at your feet, going over you, all things that happen due to bullet drop. Pre-ballistics you could use iron sights and drop someone who is just a couple of pixels in the distance. (I will admit that was helluva lot of fun though)

Bottom line many of the hated updates brought change which people weren’t willing to accept. Weeks later they were either at a new game or learned to deal with it.

…no? at best it’s a specialized sniper rifle. just because it’s not a bolt action doesn’t mean it’s not a sniper rifle.

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Fine, specialized sniper rifle, but it’s meant to be used as a designated marksman rifle, as it cannot be used at the ranges that define a true sniper rifle

…you realize that “sniper range” just means “from a location that the enemy can’t find you from”, right?

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The worst thing that has ever happened is abandoning horde mode :angry:

Also the Zubeknakov change. That gun was my ol’ reliable favourite


What happened to the Zubek?

Stat counter / Crafting material things.

That god dammed blindfold

And Horde beacons pretty much killed vanilla base building

For me, I’d say it was the updated that added the tank, I had as a server open where players were able to spawn stuff in (Creative server) Any-who, when the tanks were added, people were driving them everywhere on my server, it was pretty fun. Also, tanks both helped creative servers, but in my honest opinion, they don’t have too much functionality. Shells for the gun where scarce, and it eats gas like a pre-nerf Sandpiper. Anyways, that’s just my opinion.

Russia update. Not the actual map itself, but more guns stuff

Firstly, the Zube, Snay, and I believe the Mata as well were all changed to be basically garbage.

Zube doesn’t even remotely act like an AKM (which I assume is what its based off of) anymore, and it really lost its uniqueness. The Sabertooth is just a literally better version of the Snay. And the Mata is just meh. It’s an “assault rifle” now when it used to be an actually interesting automatic sniper rifle.

Nevermind the fact we got guns that took ranger mags when they very clearly shouldn’t have. I don’t think I need to name them. It’s even worse now that they take both military and ranger.