WO's logging and slightly modified craft

Hmm, what about making tree harvesting more pleasing to the eye and with a touch of realism. Hitting an ax with a tree will leave serifs, as it is done in “The Forest”. Also, the trees will physically fall to the ground and stay in the form of a tree that needs to be further cut to receive logs. To get the boards you have to cut logs with a saw by yourself (in real time).

This will provide a more interesting construction of houses. And save us from the noobs that spam all the beaches with their terrible vile huts.

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Now about crafting. Make it slower too. If this is something from a tree, then the player will have to manually cut it with an engraver or something else. Handicraft weapons will have to be assembled as done in weapon simulators, But a little bit more simplified. the main thing is that it looks nice, it is fun and adds atmospheric. So I imagine assembling a homemade rifle somewhere near a fire sitting there with friends who tell different stories and play the guitar. Ahh magnificent.

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Good ideas, I too like the idea of slower bases, ie cutting up a fallen tree and carrying the logs in your hands to build a base instead of being able to carry 20 trees in your pants.


This is a bit worrying to me because if you tell me that I gotta spend a hour just to craft a few crates then that isn’t fun.


You’re a pretty responsible and hardworking person, I appreciate it, let’s make boxes together.

But don’t forget about friendly windmills, such small, such cosy, desktop


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Good for you this is already in the beta. You can also see the little wooden chunks that fly up. Making hitting stuff very satisfying, and I am very glad he added it.

I am actually very for crafting ques and cooking time but I will say this feature would have to be tweaked to make it not laborious. This is a feature in Deadside, a new survival game and it took me and a friend 45 mins to make a 2x2 because the fact we had to saw so many planks. I like games to have things that make you feel rewarded when done but this was too much.

But I do see the appealing side of the satisfying construction of a base from seeing the character do a little simple sawing motion animation. Something I love so much from 3.0 is the tiny animation and sound of the socket wrench. Something simple like that makes que times not so bad.

My main point for the support of que animations and que crafting is the potetial for items to make those times shorter. Take cooking for example, a campfire and pot could cook some meat in 30 seconds time while a electric stove could cook it in 10 or so, physical progression that saves you time.

If anyone played 2.0 you will remember the complicated building system it had. As much as I like realism and such I think simplifying house building was a good move. Using logs to build wooden objects and for example unrefined stone to make stone. I think having to collect the material is grindy enough and then having to refine these item further could add another layer of grind.

BUT I am not totally against this and think if down correctly crafting planks could be cool and make the game feel more like your building a house and not be grindy. Maybe see the character make 3 or 4 planks per craft. I would be down for that.

This too is what I want crafting ques to create. I think having crafting tables and anvils that character interacts with around the base with satisfying sounds sets a tone for the games atmosphere.

Something to think about too is in Rust wood and stone are used to make wood and stone walls, nothing to refine. But making the next level sheet metal requires refined metal fragments. Having to cook this metal takes decent time and sets a value on this crafted item. Same for sulfur and gunpowder. Raiding someone and getting refined gunpowder and sulfur is a huge win, a lot of time saved.

This is on the Roadmap and I think master building tool could resemble something like rusts building hammer and blueprints.

I think having this universal tool might mean you need 20 logs in your pants. I agree with the post and think placing buildables is very tedious. I think the general idea of holding as many items in your pants and inventory is silly but we couldn’t get anything done with low inventory space. I think something like logs should stack and just weigh you down. Same for crates, logs should stack in crates so people can store extra logs and building supplies.

(Listen to this)

One thing that could work as well is making the foundations and skeletons of the base with planks and such. Sawing and time to make new sections of the house. But once placed a “universal building tool” could upgrade them instantly from wood to metal or concrete. Expanding the base could take time but upgrading would be easier than having to remove walls and replace them.


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Also on the crafting and cutting wood, as well as structures. Yeah, base building needs to be better and should be fun. Realism for the sake of realism is stupid and will end up ruining the game. Also yeah, I don’t like the noob shacks either. I’d like to see nice looking houses in vanilla Unturned II towns with gardens and nice shit like that.

For one, I think things like balconies and window side ledges to place nice decorations on would be a nice edition. Also, paint. Nelson, please please PLEAAAAAAAAAASE add paint to Unturned II. I want some variety when it comes to build-able homes. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be that hard to implement into the game to begin with, so to speak.

At the moment in Unturned, we have birch (white), maple (brown), pine (dark brown), brick (red-ish), and metal (gray or grey depending on where you live). So yeah, not much variety when it comes to house colors. It would be very very nice to add the ability to paint the surfaces of build-ables in Unturned II.

I wish for build-able structures to be less of an eye sore in Unturned II.

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I still believe that Nelson needs to add paint to Unturned II for player built structures. I don’t want Unturned II to be a game of bland brown and white houses like Unturned is. Also it’ll be better because mod creators won’t have to add new structures to the game.

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I can see extremely hidden houses, thanks to its camouflage paint (at least for helicopters, if they are in the game).

To change that we can make weight system like in Project Zomboid - you can carry only 3 logs, only 1 crate or other furniture.
Or like I already proposed add new item - cart, you can put a lot of logs in here and drive it to your building, than carry 20 logs in your pants

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