Sorry I never ment that you made I mistake.I was trying to say that I might not of fully understood your concept not because of you making a mistake but because of me being stupid and not understanding english.
I also thank you for the mini explanation I understand now thank you (and also thank you for being an awesome member of our community!)

But this ain’t splinter cell… If you wanna range without a range finder get good at guessing… It’s not that hard once you get used to ranges

Cant get used to ranges even after 1200 hours in game… plus that was a nice idea for interacting with players

Yeah but it’s probably just easier to use scopes like this image
Of course non exist in game but it seems to fit the game more if there’s less mechanics to help players and it makes players help themselves and learn themselves.
(Yes ik the 7x has this ranging but I don’t think it’s aligned correctly)

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Its okay, i like this, hope that he add this kinds of scopes. But I still want more interactivity through gestures :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

And then someone will come behind him and –

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