Would Nelson be up for an officially unofficial curated setup for "official servers"?

Title, ish.

Lets say Nelson adds official servers at some point for I or II. I think it would be a lot cooler if the community actually voted or discussed adding mods to certain servers.

Lets say that Nelson makes a smart decision, and only makes ~2 maps for UII. He puts lots of effort into them, continuously updates them with new content whenever he gets new ideas, and sorta uses them as a playground for showing off new features, concepts, ideas. So then he only has two official maps to make official servers for.

Lets say he wants NA and EU servers. Two maps, two locations, thats four servers. Plus an Easy and Normal difficulty, thats eight servers. But lets say the two regions have a custom official server that is edited by community vote. That is, it can be any gamemode, any difficulty, and have any mods that the community decides. It would almost be like curated maps/content in a way, except way more cool and it would get the community more involved in the decision making process of the game.

Perhaps these can be akin to the most experimental servers. Trying out new mods, and maybe these mods become so popular that they get integrated into the base game - with permission of course.

And who would disagree with such a notion? If you dont like what the community chose, then you don’t have to play that server. You could play the other tame official servers that don’t change around.

Think of the possibilities.

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Sounds like you can’t run a server nooby

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Lmao thats incredibly true :rofl:

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