Would no crosshair-servers be popular?

How would people here feel about a server with no crosshair? I’ve seen that option in singleplayer and I have been thinking about that for a while. No crosshair+only first-person+easy difficulty would give scopes a use and only first-person is already stressful. Easy difficulty because I personally hate repairing my guns ;D

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There isn’t an option to turn off durability?

I’d say it’d have about the same appeal as any other server that disables third person. The crosshair already is disabled when you aim down the sights, and I don’t see many people using hipfire at long ranges.


I only hipfire, at all ranges. Its more accurate because you nullify the concept of recoil. In exchange for being laser-accurate, you get a small cone of inaccuracy (which might be better than a straight up laser imo). (forget this, just realized he said first person server)

If I am way too far, like over 300 meters, then I just move in closer. Why worry? Snipers cant one-hit anyone so long as you’ve got a helmet.

Disabling crosshair would only be an effective change against third person servers, making third person for attacking highly inconvenient (unless you’re me and use a crosshair overlay outside of the game). For first person, I guess it would make things look nicer?

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