Would your Suggestion Improve Gameplay? (Rule of Thumb #1)

Again, let’s keep this short and simple.

Whenever you go and think up a new suggestion that you think is cool, think of its value in terms of gameplay.

Would it:
a) Bring a new element of gameplay to the game?
b) Make the game more of a nuisance, or does it serve a legitimate purpose?
c) Bring realism into the gameplay experience just for the sake of realism, or would it actually improve the flow of the game?
d) Just recreate something that was done in 3/2.0?

These simple ideas coupled with logic make your suggestion stronger, better and more likely to be implemented to the game.
Think before you post.


operator? i’d like to report a bruh moment


Why did you post the entire Harry Potter series on the forums.


to have an archive incase the black people got to the library


Don’t forget point e.

e) Does it sound stupid or smart


to have an archive incase JK Rowling edits all the genders out

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60% of my ideas sound stupid.

Maybe tone it down to under half then?

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but catgirls do improve the game

Send Satan my regards, will you?

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Would you count improving on mechanics because they could’ve been better or not adding mechanics because they weren’t in 3.0 a cool suggestion?

you forgot about
e) Remake someone’s post so it can get more likes and you don’t even have to make an effort :anomaly7: