Wrong Display Issue [FIXED]

I accidentally chose the lowest screen resolution, and now my game is unplayable and I have no idea how to restore it, I am looking for if it is possible to restart it in some way
PS: I’m playing on a MacBook Pro

On windows press Windows + R

type: regedit

go to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Smartly Dressed Games

delete this folder.

But because you’re on mac I think the easiest way is to just reinstall the game.

I also have a Windows Device, but i have tried multiple times re installing the game and it has not worked

Maybe go to the folder where the game is installed and delete the files manually and then go to steam, uninstall the game and install it again.

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Good news, I found out how to restore it, I searched into old posts and I saw a guy who had a similar issue, thank you for replying anyways skydragonfire05, really appreciate it

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Another possible fix for the resolution thing can be going into Steam>userdata>{your ID}>309430>settings.json? don’t remember exactly but it’s somewhere there and you can change the resolution there. After you edit the file, make sure you disable steam cloud for unturned. Otherwise it will just download the old settings again.

From what I hear, this doesn’t work for everyone but does for most


It should work for everyone unless they’re trying to set it to certain ultra-wide resolutions (or other resolutions you may see people post about not being properly used when clicking on them in the resolution drop-down).

In that case, they’d also need to go to their Preferences.json in the Unturned folder, and set "Restrict_Resolution_To_Monitor_Supported": true, to false, which should remedy that specific issue.


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