WW2 Weapons and vehicles

It would be cool if more ww2 weapons and vehicles would be added kv2 stronk

You have the Workshop for that reason, point of having WW2 vehicles ? Unturned is set in the ‘‘current’’ world.

Your military/war fantasies can be found in the workshop.

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Yes very gud kv2 strong))))

Kar98k FTW

not sure if you’re aware but metal usually last longer than people, meaning that guns from the ww2 era are still commonly found.

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Yep. Old Mosin Nagants are still massively popular as a starter’s or collector’s rifle. They’re cheap, will perform for well over a century if maintained well, and use a cheap, common ammo. Machine pistols and SMGs are even rarer to come across, but they could still be found in use today. Larger weapons such as the MG-42 have been cloned into oblivion and are still in use in (according to Wikipedia) 30+ countries including Germany, as the “”“new”"" MG3, but all that means is it’s just chambered in a different cartridge.

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Yes and a lot of guns from ww2 also got produced a long time after war

WW2 server practically no place in the unturned vanilla :confused: Mods will get you covered in that regard.

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