Y’all like Coleslaw?

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Why are you asking?
Why don’t you categorize this post?!:angry:


who dafaq is coleslaw


I was actually serious about this but I guess it fits in #memes


You could move it to #lounge
unless you wanted the input of the untrusted, irregular, plebians


Yo’, peeps who chose “Yea.”

From a distance your coleslaw looks like a bowl of shredded confetti.

How’s that feel!?


In fact, it’s so bad, I can find coleslaw by Google searching confetti! “Confetti coleslaw” doesn’t sound any more appetizing than normal coleslaw!

Get out. >:Y


Molt, this post wasn’t meant to be categorized as a meme, we’re trying to have a very serious discussion about coleslaw.


What kind of “coleslaw” is that? Whoever made that is now officially wanted for crimes against humanity in the south.


Go to Northern Michigan and try their Coleslaw, it’s not half bad.


Don’t worry, my opinions are not a meme. :slight_smile:

Sometimes it may appear that I myself am just a meme in disguise, but that is not true!


Coleslaw with diced potato mixed with mayo is probably one of the healthy thing I like to eat.

Even if it looks like vomit. Pesto still looks more disgusting.


Coleslaw is life
I can’t enjoy a burger without a good coleslaw on the side


Comes to think about it.

We sounds like hippies now.
I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not.

Imagine eating coleslaw, while sawing my fingers off.


Are you saying you dont like pesto? Wait till the life changing moment when you experience pesto pizza for the first time

I actually cried, still hasnt been topped


I really dont know what coleslaw you guys are eating that looks like shredded confetti


Diffrent kinds of lettuce id assume


I’m allergic to pesto.

It burned my skins like garlic sunscreen to vampires


ya put a little pickle in it…


Your pickle is little.


It’s not the size, it’s how you use it.