Yarrr deserves a tag

If ya boy Molt has “Ego Boosted” then Yarrr deserves something.
Give our friendly neighborhood sea dog something special!

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Agreed. He deserves a treat too.

he has it he just refuses to accept an ego

the scalawag

so does @Deathismad

EDIT: https://forum.smartlydressedgames.com/groups


DIM is on here? He’s so quiet.

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He never posted anything on the forum, very mad !

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Pardon me if I have Alzheimers, but who is DIM?

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DeathIsMad, head staff of the wikia, also a pretty old player from 1.0 who also was admin on 1.0 wiki

soon to be replaced by molt in the new wiki :wink:


Ah, makes sense
Since i never went to the wikia except maybe once
And in that one time, I wanted to login and whatnot, but had some issues. So I said “Fuck it”

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Surprised he didn’t post anything :thonk:

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If his name is Yarrr shouldn’t his tag be ‘Harrr’ coz pirate sayings


I knew that name sounded very familiar. Respect for a 1.0 vet and dedicated community member.

Hopefully once 4.0 is out and about I can help bring in some nice information and focus on unstubbing/fleshing out various articles. The wiki looks hella tight right about now.

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