"yes or no" prompt for quit button

me and a few others are getting caught out by our muscle memory of pressing the bottom button of the menu when it opens to exit to main menu, however the bottom button is now to quit to desktop. having a simple confirm option like the suicide button will most likely stop this from happening as often.


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I don’t know why Nelson even bothered adding this option if you can just do Alt + F4? This keyboard combination is simple, almost everybody know it and it’s much safer to use, because you can’t exit the game on accident, unlike newest added option.


You can’t do it when in a server iirc

Would be great if there was an option to disable and enable it

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I already foresaw this and I believe the better option would have been to have the Quit button be located between the Controls and Suicide button


Or how about just the bottom left or bottom right corner? Alway from reach and it makes sense for a button that just quits the game overall.


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