Yo i hate to shitpost

But is anyone partaking in the animal jam raid on december 22nd led by quackity?

The hell is animal jam?

2 words:

Furries Videogame

Its sort of like club penguin

the guy that became popular because he raids childrens games?

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pretty much. but none the less they are funny

I’m actually dying right now
threw up six times on a run today


I used to play that.

One of the games I more or less grew to like games from.

Plus when I was younger I was a massive roleplayer…

It got weird.

Same here dude,

I used to rp in roblox,

but now that i’m 14, you’ll find me in the neighborhood playing as the dog from family guy in a firetruck picking up random pets off the street with my sirens blaring.

I discovered quackity because of his “X game sucks!” videos. Mostly for the angry children on the comments section.

Yet he probably got more popular after roblox raids. Bitch shut down the forums lmaooo

Fun Fact: I was a QA tester for Animal Jam.

Work was boring but the people were great.

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of course its gonna be boring your sitting there at your desk for god knows how long answering 10 yea old questions

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seems legit though, you get to fuck around in an office

who doesn’t love free coffee and messing around with office chairs

yeah we had tons of pepper eating contests, general messing around on Slack, and video game mini tournaments. Not to mention the pay was really good for entry level.

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man i love the AnimalJam Sub Reddit

Love the arguments i’m getting into on there

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