You were kicked from this server because: Battleye: Client not responding. How do you fix this?

I found something on the BattlEye website. Maybe it will help.


Thanks for doing the research OP could not be bothered to do


Thank you very much, I just switched from Mac to Windows and got me off guard.

It is still not working…

I don’t know what else to do…

Tried reinstalling and it got worst…

Reinstall BattleEye, not the game.

Try that and see how well it works.

I tried reinstalling but the problem persists…

I just realized the BattlEye Launcher is gone ,I don`t get the window anymore when I press “Play”. I do have it installed in my computer.

Actual screenshots go a long way.
What are you posting pictures of your AV for tho?

Im following a YouTube tutorial that recommends to delete the BattEye folder but I cant even though I`m logged into my computer as administrator myself.

Are you completely sure that you are an administrator? One of my relatives had an issue where they were using the only visible account on the login screen but it turned out to be a regular user, which prevented them from updating certain programs.

I just completely wiped my computer and even reinstalled windows but the problem persists.

It’s happening across other games as well:

Nelson, change BattlEye for another anti cheat. ASAP!!!

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He’s not going to do it over a rare issue


Aight, which one chief?

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@Yoshida_Keiji BattlEye is truly a dog shit anti-cheat. Nelson should just go with Easy Anti-Cheat & VAC.


I was thinking it was just me, so I already spent a full week just by asking everybody I know around in RL but… judging by the comments in the Steam community forum… I don’t think it’s rare… there’s many reports against BattlEye. Check it yourself.

I would say this issue isn’t with BattlEye specifically but something with your computer. Have you checked the folder’s owner to see if that may have been the issue?