Your character story

I usually play unturned as a unique character , whose behavior is based on a backstory ( one character for PVP, one for rp and one for PVE ) , this topic was made so players who made a unique backstory for their character can upload it there .

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inb4 kiddo comes along:

I killed an entire litter of puppies earlier and drove my motorcycle through the skulls of twenty young children. I don’t feel anymore, well no that’s a lie I do feel, I feel sick. Sick of the man I have become. I wish I could stop but god dammit there is something so nice about plowing through a hundred Turned. Whoever I was before is dead, I am reborn, you can call me xMasterOfTheZombies2008



:’) strong text

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my name…? joe cool…

i used to work… at the marlboro cigarette manufacturing plant… but then… i was fired…
i then became… joe… cool… action… man… and… action … man… has never… had… enough… action… he is now a hero… of… the… apocalypse… doing his joe cool things,… as joe cool… action man… the man of action… such as… obtaining… feet photos… illegally… over the internet… while fighting zombies… to also collect their feet… for his feet shack… that is made solely out of feet… it smells… but the feet … are so … enticing… the feet shack… is not my greatest achievement… there was also… the feet house… the feet mansion… the Bass Pro Shops Feet Pyramid… and the … feet country… ah… what i would give… for the days… of the feet country… made solely… of feet… feet… but i am … joe cool… actrion man… and i have… never had… enough… action…



Then he died

helo my name is rajeesh i am 48 years old man from pakstan. i ride my goat into batle zombies with my sports shot.

donate to my pay pal please because food is scarse and i owe money to the bandits


My Name is Lucifer Vladislav Morningstar Gregory, or Vlad Gregory. Was Son of the Holy Pope , in Vatican , but ran to Washington DC to be a normal guy. Hired by the Military . Achieve the Rank General in the age of 21 . Survive the Zombie disease because was deployed on the Scorpion 7 , Washington and took all the vaccines with me . Currently lived in Heritage Valley with my squad and the survivor. Anytime you need us, we’ll be there to help.

welcome to the forems, send nudes plaes

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paper man
born with pencil
baked a terrible cake
made hallucinogenics and sold them publicly
Became Ceo of a shitty company

life is good

I know this is your first post and all (welcome by the way) but hot damm that is literally just


I like to make kids rage quit the server by raiding their base :slight_smile:


How is that a unique backstory tho?
Do you have a younger sibling you project onto those kiddies?
Or how does that work?

I can’t tell whether you’re being ironic or not.

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Vacuum salesman turned ruthless killer.

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Hello my name is amdinosuar, you can probably tell by my name. Well I have severe ADHD. So this means that I need ritalin, and lots of it. I have spent years scrounging for it and finally got my supply going. I have turned the ritalin into bullets and am using it against everybody. It actually works. Ooh also I forgot to mention my uncle kurnatz. Hes from the distant land of Romania. So he takes his dacia and rides it into a horde of zombies but then remembers that he can’t drive his car on the weekends so he then gets out and simply uses an ak47 to kill them. After that he eats the corpses since they have meat on them. Then he eats me and my dad. I don’t like my uncle. Hes scary, weird and he smells and looks weird. He likes to eat little kids off the street too.

FYI: it’s a joke chill




Came for the kits, stayed for the glue.

meat on flesh filled corpse’s


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I’m looking for beans so i must kill anyone who stands in my way

and after that play some crab music obviously

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pass me a drink bartender

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