Your clothing preferences

what clothes do you usually use in a pvp/survival server?

I personally like the spec ops outfit and the military helmet because they have the highest defense

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imo the Fighter Pilot Top and Bottom look really good with a Spec ops Rucksack and Vest. That is generally my preferred loadout, as I can also wear some aviators and look like I’m from Top Gun.

I would wear a tanker’s helmet if it existed


Anything with large storage.

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like the thief outfit, right?

Red bathing suit. Chainsaw

Thief top & bottom, spec ops vest, alicepack, gasmask, military nightvision, tophat.

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Cargo pants, Alicepack, green parka, military vest, military helmet, headlamp, and gas mask. (I like green)

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I always wear the army’s standard map outfit I’m playing + the biggest backpack I find.

I only play on servers with my clothing mod installed

I prioritize storage over protection (with the exception of wearing military tops instead of thief tops). My preferred mask is a green balaclava just for that little extra protection/concealment.

Spec Ops Top, Spec Ops Bottom, Spec Ops Vest, Alicepack, Black Balaclava, And The Spec Ops Helmet, i prioritize protection over storage, with the exception of the alicepack because well, it holds the most stuff for backpacks, and while i don’t like to admit it, the spec ops stuff is not good for space.

Which pants do you prefer?

  • Firefighter Bottom (fire protection)
  • Thief Bottom (black with max storage)
  • Cargo Pants (green with max storage)
  • Spec Ops Bottom (max damage protection)
  • Ghillie Bottom (camoflage)
  • Other (style points)
  • Null Option

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I try a sort of reverse psychology route

e.g. i wear civilian clothes, such as a colored shirt or hoodie and cargo pants, maybe a scarf and sometimes a bandana, almost never wear backpacks as a sort of challenge to work with the space given. Armor to me is near worthless since i’m bad at pvp anyway and just gonna accept the fact i’ll likely die to some full spec ops kit maplestrike & honeybadger PDW tryhard.

did i mention i do this on creative servers?

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storage: exists

me: owo that’s this




farmer hat, plaid shirt and farmer pants


Full Spec Ops and Coalition Helmet is preferable attire. I need the most protection possible (owo), killing bandits is top priority, not greed.


good choice comrade, btw the mili hat is much better

Since I tend to avoid PvP situations I more go for more space, what ever has the most room I guess!

Man-bikini for me.

Fighter pilot top and bottom or plaid shirt with cargo pants, and alicepack. Definitely no hat.