Your Yuri l Carbonator Isn't Marketable [Fixed!]

If you were one of the people to have bought the Yuri l Carbonator, I’m sorry. The skins of that update should work like this:

1)Someone buys the skin from the stockpile during a limited time event.
2) They then wait until both the event has finished and a week has passed from their purchase.
3) Finally, they can market the item.

For the other skins, this works perfectly. However, the Yuri l Carbonator uniquely cannot be marketed. Should a player try to market it, they receive an error, and that specific Carbonator now has the tag “Non Marketable.” I’ve looked around, and I believe the cause is that there is no market entry for the skin. (You can see this for yourself if you search for “heartbreaker luna” vs “yuri carbonator”)

It’s been this way for a while, but as the creator of the skin, I do not blame Nelson, as I believe this is just an honest mistake. Reversely, I feel like it’s my responsibility to have notified him sooner or in a better fashion, as I feel I owe players who liked my design enough to buy it, better support. Sorry it’s been taking so long, and I think it’ll get fixed soon.

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mabye mabye…

Im pretty sure you cant market anything that you buy from the stockpile.

That is correct for normal stockpile skins. However, for limited-time skins, you are allowed to sell them after the event ends and waiting a week. The other limited-time skins of the same update are all marketable, and you can find them on the Steam marketplace right now. E.g. The Luna l Heartbreaker.

I’ve already DM’d Nelson about the issue.

Thank you so much!

Weird, in the backend it already showed as marketable, but I’ve forced a refresh so maybe you can market it now.


Okay, so I’ve done some testing since the refresh and I’ve found 2 possible issues:

  1. The Yuri Carbonator does not have a listing. Compare the Burning Agile Matamorez, which has no quantity and no price, but does have a listing; to the Yuri Carbonator which does not have a listing to begin with.
  2. The refresh has not affected the “Non marketable” tag of every Yuri Carbonator that was attempted to be sold. There are two examples in my inventory, other players have told me they are affected as well. There might be some Carbonator’s that no players have tried to sell, but any prospective fix will need to address the many tagged Carbonators as well.

Nelson manually flushed the asset appearance cache just now, and the items are definitely marketable now. :slight_smile: