Youtube live-streaming and playing multiplayer

Hi so I just started playing this game. It’s looks alright, I wanted to maybe play with someone else cause I am trying to record stuff on my channel

Hello, welcome!

All I’m going to say is that you’re at a rather odd, late time in the game’s history, so the community might seem a bit…strained, but if you know where to look, you can still have a blast. You’re wise to try and find some friends early on - it makes the experience a lot better.

I’d strongly recommend you to use the server filters to filter to just vanilla servers. This makes the game much, much easier for new players to get oriented in, but also, there’s lot of non-vanilla servers that are frowned upon for having way too many unnecessary plugins and mods.

To do this, look for Any Plugins and change this to Vanilla by clicking on it until you get the right one. Filter out modded servers by changing Any Workshop to No Workshop.

Other than that, all I have to say is that the game may look a bit shallow on the surface, but there’s definitely a lot to learn.

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