YouTubers Event?

Okay so, I just finished watching MrSpaml’s new video about Unturned YouTubers.
And since none of them are playing the game ( for now ) … There is almost no way the game is getting new players.

So, i was thinking in an event.
Maybe the game Veterans knows the GangZ Series. With Paulsoaresjr and more others. They just started an world, get a team, and then they just started surviving. There were like 3 gangs on that world.

But how about a new series like that ? Where all the Veteran Youtubers will be in ? That would probably blow up, and that way the game will get new players.
Let me know what you think about this ?
Maybe there is a way at least one of those Unturned Youtubers will watch this video.

1 Like the game has always more than decent stats regarding the amount of players


I know that, but EU kinda dead. at least for the survival part of the game.

Good riddance on most of them. Unturned (3.X anyway) just is not the type of game you’d dedicate an entre channel to.

If anything the YTers helped cause that


I feel like we have a similar post to this every single week. The game has been averaging 20k players for quite some time regardless of the amount of Youtubers playing.


eh sounds like a silly idea, if you check on twitter you can see that a dozen of new unturned youtubers are joining the community.


Something like this event already happened on Elver just before it’s release, but it was a flop at the end…

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