Yukon - hard survival

Do anyone knows EU server with yukon map RP or can make one ? Or maybe Semi-RP so it would be just survival with tougher zombies… I would also turn off stunning ability. Small pine player town to sell food and buy stuff… No KOS so it would be almost like Yukon PvE, but with KOS zones (4 example off limits)

That’s seems to be very specific, likely not going to be out there imo.

A simple search bar below the server list would help, just type in “hard” or “vanilla” with the map at yukon, and the gameplay at PVE.

Oh and, sometimes you might have to do it over and over until you’ve find what you like… which is basically never so don’t bother on that for too much.

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Uhh i know … i was searching 4 soo long for public servers , but maybe somone know any private server i can join xD. Thank you for your reply !

I was actually hosting a server like this not long ago lol

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Is it still ON ? Or u planning to renew it ?

somehow USO fcked my server files so its not up atm. However i might renew it, ill msg if its up

USO is a very bad and unnecessary application to use IMO. It takes away control, functionality, and stability.

Just do it the old fashioned way.