Yukon's gun question

Due to the recent post where some dude came up with a poll to remove PDW from Yukon and drop the Swissgewehr in a lot of people got questions. Some want to leave the things as they are, some don’t. Taking in mind suggestions raised in the discussion I am willing to make a new poll to speak about the current situation.

  • Keep the Swissgewehr and leave the things as they are
  • Bring PDW back, without military drums
  • Swissgewehr stays, PDW and Eaglefire make a return to the map as a mega drop(all three will have the same drop chance). No military drums

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Honestly the swissgewehr really needed to be more available, almost no one cared about it until it replaced the pdw on yukon. Plus it also is relatively balanced compare to the other weapons (Most are semi-auto/bolt action or are automatic but weak in a way) on yukon while the pdw is pretty overpowered compared to everything else you can get on the map. (Even without mili-drums there is still a huge desparity in power with the pdw being on yukon)