Zombie animals

i am thinking about a progress about infection of wild life fishes,deers etc

Maybe even a map infection as we progress days outbreaks will start we can save people from getting infected but not from all cities can start from scorpion 7 containment breath happening test subject mutated alien zombies breaking out of

Then military will arrive and fail if you cant reach there and help them contain also zombie action dosen’t end like this maybe some ufo or a mysterious meteor crash zones and biohazard teams will invastigate there and more

When infection on some area is not much there will be mercenary-bounty hunter (looking for alien vulnerables) groups instead of bandits if infection rate is too much green fogs or something they will spawn with special gear gasmasks,alien armor ,better armor

Infection rate could be shown with a not turned human face and turning slowly

Are you suggesting something as a story mode?
In which you can actively participate against the infection; Well, that’s not a bad idea, but I think Unturned II may not have a story mode, and if so, I hope it doesn’t take the place of survival mode.

For multiplayer some of things i have said might be too much but for single-player plans or a dlc would work i have always wanted to experience a outbreak feeling ambulance sirens, biohazard guys and maybe a special force or a clean up team as last resort when that area is nearly %90 it could also be scorpion 7 or a mercenary group

Something like this could work if it were a random event that could happen at any time but if you’re suggesting a linear story that takes place as time progresses then it would not work because of multiplayer.

Uhh what about no?

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