Zombie Physics

Zombie Physics
First I would just like to say that this is my first post, so please don’t get on my back because of my formatting.


*Maybe when a zombie is shot, its body part would jerk back (of course this would only work for limbs, as it would look weird for the main body)

*A zombie could possibly be knocked down/into each other

Limb Severing

*Possibly when a zombie is hit with a bladed weapon on a limb, the limb could fly off, (This is just a suggestion and I still kind of feel its a bit gruesome)
*This could also mean that once a zombie’s legs have been destroyed (shot, chopped, hit) it would fall to the ground and become a crawler.

That’s all I’m doing for now, but I would really like you really active users to possibly leave your own (better) ideas down below. Thank you, I won’t take up any more of you time. :slight_smile:


the crawler ideas is great

maybe the game needs more gore

also it will be funny if the arms or the legs dont stop moving when you cut them, so you can se the arm moving and trying to do something xdxdxdxd and they only stop moving 2 or 1 seconds later after you cut them


That would be cool, like the arm still crawling toward you!

You asked for it, here it is https://trello.com/c/cexqDpir/126-gore GORE

(completely optional)

Ooh yes! (10 characters)

I honestly like the post and the ideas. Especially the severing. But Unturned isn’t meant to be gorey. So gore won’t be a good addition to the game, tho personally I like the idea. But I don’t wanna dee it in 4.x cuz it doesn’t go with the style

trying to do something xdxdxdxd


But 4.oh is gonna be more of a darjer style game tho, no more happy fun BUTCHERING zombies with a Knife in a cheery atmosphere… no hehehe soon we can chop off zombies arms HAHAHHAHA… erm just ignore that.

Someone’s got issues with gore xD
What have you been watching recently? :laughing:

Errr nuffin

This seems like something that would only work if hard zombies are implemented.

Maybe not so much watching as playing Left 4 Dead?

Or Happy Room(s)

Except being forced to watch countless horror movies as a child, Ive seen more people ripped in half then youve seen laughing children. Which you should see often.

Should but don’t
You’re not the only one who thinks about gore like a child thinks about candy

What are you terrifying?

I may be
(10 characters)

Huh… interesting xd

Sorry for the necro, but is really good.

Flinching sounds awesome, and becoming crawlers (From either having their legs chopped off, or falling from high heights and breaking them.) would be cool. I also like The Thing styled stuff like the idea of dismembered body parts still being alive, so it’s like Cataclysm, if you want it dead, you gotta smash it to bits.

Also, arms coming after you reminds of the Gravity Falls scene with the magic photocopier. Anyone? No? Humph…

EDIT: Oh yeah, and for dismemberment, you could just not have blood, and have the arm come off and be a chunk of flesh with no visible bone or anything, for the kiddies.

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