Zombie skill levels

So let’s make this simple, if your player dies and becomes a zombie (if this is added) the higher your skills were, the stronger, smarter, or more agile your zombie will be. Say you have overkill maxed, the zombie will have more damage. If you have cardio/exercise maxed, it will run instead of walk, and it will be pretty dangerous. If an intelligence sort of stat us upgraded, it will be able to navigate more complex areas/climb over fences. And so on.
Edit- if anyone wants to make a more advanced version of this they can, im on tablet and dont feel like spending ages trying to make a really advanced version of this. So yeah.


I like that

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A rather unconventional and unique idea.

I really don’t know what to say, but it’s real creative, I’ll give you that


If I understand correctly, it would be more difficult to have some some things have good pathfinding and others not than it would to just give them all good pathfinding.

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I dont really think “intelligence sort of upgrades” should affect zombies, since after all they’re, well, zombies. However, I do like the idea of climbing over fences and such, but shouldn’t that be relative to the Jumping skill instead?

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imagine a zombie with maxed out skills

oh boy

A dead kit server admin, lol.

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How mega zombies are made.


Well consider this, some zombies would retain slight memories, allowing them to use weapons to break into places. If they retain slight memories, they should also retain intelligence. That is, if the zombies in 4.0 are going to be like this at all. Plus it would make it so it’s harder to find and kill zombies that came from a player corpse. Generally in every type of story/tv show involving zombies there’s always more intelligent zombies (example. The walking dead zombies holding rocks to break windows, zombies having enough coordination to climb fences. Watch the first season of it and you’ll understand) even if unturned zombies are different, there would still be mutations in the virus occasionally which would cause higher brain function than normal. Considering in unturned it’s a virus, viruses mutate a lot in rl. So don’t expect all zombies to be stupid. Heck there might even be a few zombies which keep all their memories. So you maybe could find Nov type zombies that won’t attack you.

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We don’t know if skills will work the same in 4.x

To be honest, the idea of zombies having melee weapons doesn’t seem too far fetched, as we currently see mega zombie literally pulling out ENTIRE CUBIC METRES OF CONCRETE out of the ground and throwing them… However the passive zombies part is kind of stupid, since zombies are supposed to be the main obstacle in the game.


From what can be told at the moment, they won’t change severely. And even if they do, we’re assuming they won’t.

What if the player was maxskilled? That will be the god of zombies.

Not as strong as a mega, but smart enough to possibly fire a weapon/hold a grenade and blow it up once it gets near you.

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