Zombie suggestion

Right so, Currently zombies are just an obstacle, they stand around motionless at POI’s until they are attracted, And they are very easy to kill, What if zombies actually roamed around making the use of flares and other kind of distraction tools better and what if they got crazier at night like bigger detection radius, more HP and faster etc, etc, This would center the game more towards Survival.


I believe we already have this in the game as the full moon mechanic

As for zombie being able to freely roam an area, I believe that while a very exciting idea, it is very taxing on low end computers and limited from a developer standpoint.
The dev would need to input where zombies can move, which in the end might not change much, on the other hand, now the CPU has to handle zombie AI trying to walk random paths every second once you enter a city. and i can tell you, with the number of assets placed in them, some cities in unturned would become hellish places as my compute burns in front of me opening the gates to the underworld.

Ask yourself the question, Does the full moon really change anything at all for experienced players?

Aswell as, low end computers should have been able to handle unturned with atleast 60+ fps, Its not wether there are zombies roaming around the map, its more about poor optimization, How the heck can you get 29 fps average on lowest settings in a low poly game while you could easilly crank 120 to 180 fps on that same PC with configs in TF2 or L4D2? Optimization.


Didnt nelson break horde mode after changing the full moon mechanics a bit?

You don’t understand the topic so please don’t talk about it.
He will need to make his own nav system, rework an AI and do some sounds and animations. That’s all. There’s no major performance limits, check DayZ, Dying Light and Project Zomboid for example.
It would be laggy if he do so with current U3 version that uses stock Unity navigation asset. It will be very hard to realize (especially with U3 spaghetti code) and that’s why we’re not getting harder zombies in Unturned 3.0. And U3 isn’t laggy (no FPS drops) with compound objects it just looks awful and map getting loading troubles with them. Unless you got 4 gb RAM, I think.


I think he did. If you play on horde maps today zombies make no attention to you unless you make sounds. Besides that, there’s also no hordes of zombies.

I want Unturned more Survival than a shooter, when we use crossbow, we need to craft arrows except for the one that is already loaded. Bullets should also be crafted, instead of just going around and getting ammunition boxes like if they were cookies.

As of today, 2022, scavenging doesn’t even exist. We go loot any city and we can come back “home” with a fully loaded inventory. Going around to gather items should be really hard, but it’s not because everything just spawns out of the blue. I don’t believe in a real survival scenario, every person would be hanging around with a Dragonfang and blasting other people’s places like nothing, let alone “chain-raided” a full map in one day.

I really hope Unturned , the next one, will be more Survival than just merely killing others nonsensically.


then maybe play rust lol.

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zombies aren’t fun, they are just really annoying, I talked about this in the past


we discussed this some many times and yes we need changes and yes we want this changes but no body thinks how 3.0 zombies are fine how they are right now we just need a new map that uses their features to make them interesting/more challenging


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