Zombie Threats

While I am aware of multiple threads on zombies I did not want to pull a necro on one by mistake so I’ve made my own thread to detail what I feel would be an option to make zombies slightly more a threat for 4.0

what I mean by this is that zombies with hp/armor values will differ, here is a few examples

  • Civ Zombie : Standard HP, Little to no Armor
  • Militia : Standard + HP, some Armor
  • Military : Medium to High HP, lots of Armor

in the way of what I mean by hp standard would be around the players health (100) while standard + could be anywhere from 120 to 150 and Medium/high would be more around 175 to 200 hp

for armor it would just be how resistant to guns and melee weapons the wearer (zombie) is (treated as bonus HP). (Please note that most to all armor will have a weak point of some sort. (Full body and face armor not counted in there) Armor can also be destroyed/damaged enough that you can damage that body part.

EDIT: I meant it to be similar to base HP (100) + armor HP = final “hp” that can be ignored with some good aim.

Feel free to leave feedback.

  • This is a good idea
  • This could use some work (Share how in the discussion below)
  • This is not a good idea

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The only suggestion here is to give all zombies at higher-tier locations more HP, which I disagree with because I’m rather zombies be more threatening, not more bullet-spongey.


I had meant the hp to be similar to the armor
100 base + armor HP = final “hp” that can be ignored with some decent aim

I’ll edit the main thread to clear that up.

I’ll rather not have armor break off of them.

No armor breaking. Zombies should also have various archetypes (tanky, fast, ranged, etc) and those archetypes should change depending on location. Zombies should be more difficult and more diverse at higher tier locations, while in basic towns you should only see normal civilian walkers and crawlers.

I also think it’d be nice to get a few “special” infected types. I’ve always enjoyed the idea if a riot armor zombie with a very high bullet resistance; would be a much better and realistic replacement for the “spirit zombies” we currently have.
I’d like to also see certain zombies like flankers or spitters get new clothing, instead of ANY zombie being a flanker or spitters, as well as a different model. For example, perhaps military flankers could have spec ops armor and night vision, and have a more buff model while at Lab locations they wear scientist suits and are skinnier. Just some food for thought.


I’d prefer that all types of zombie be able to use all types of clothing, and that each type of zombie be differentiated by its pose, model, and audio.

I’d agree but I think some cases it’d make more sense for the zombie to be wearing certain clothing, like a lab subject wearing lab gear.

Zombies in certain areas have spawned with specific clothing since 1.X, and in 3.X zombie spawn points can have both the clothing and the possibility of spawning a mega zombie customized. I don’t see why the same couldn’t be done for other special zombies.

Glad to see I’ve sparked a good sized debate.

I think what kinda needs to happen with zombies is a bit more irregularity.

Zombies are too easy for veteran players, but they’re plenty hard for a beginner - I should know. It hasn’t been that long since I started Unturned. Maybe if there’s something disrupting that hit/step back/hit rhythm that makes it so easy? That would probably be simpler than different HP; like maybe some random zombies recover from a headshot faster, or others have better smell (or however those things find me).

Like if you think this is a good idea

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