Zombies in 4.0 | Damage

I think Nelson should make a system where if you shoot a zombie in the arm it would sorta jolt back lightly and in the leg it would fall down and a system where there would and could be special types of zombies like fast crawlers with only a torso that would charge at you


Good idea, but I believe that Nelson has already said that he doesn’t want organ/body part specific damage (except headshot I assume) as it is ‘realism for the sake or realism’.

That was mostly for players, i.e getting shot in lungs and then not being able to Sprint isn’t very fun


For zombies, it would be ok I think…


I find it interesting to shoot the zombie’s leg and he starts crawling.

Yes, but that might become too easy if you can shoot them in the leg and then they are slow.

Or you shoot them in their head=dead, problem solved :face_with_monocle:


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