Zombies - New and reworked

Just a couple of zombie ideas I’ve came up on my mind. Not everything should be considered

Existing zombies (Regular, crawler, sprinter, flanker, burner, acid spitter, mega)


  • Can destroy breakable objects if they’re in the way, like chairs
  • Now solid; players cannot go through them.
  • Rare chance to wander around for a short while, but slowly


  • New - Has a chance to cripple players on hit


  • New - Pounce at the player when close enough
    • Charge is linear, allowing you to dodge the attack
    • Has a cooldown when using this ability similar to Acid Spitter


  • New - Burn players on death
    • Continuous damage is temporary unless on water
  • Changed - Takes 1 second to detonate instead of instant
    • They stop moving at their ‘death’ spot for a while when defeated, allowing you to escape the detonation if you melee them.


  • New - Does increased damage when attacked from behind (Maybe same for all zombies?)
  • Changed - No moaning sound while cloaked. Reveals itself for a second when damaged.

Acid Spitter

  • New 1 - Causes temporary ‘Acid soaked’ status on direct hit which lasts for 10 secs.
  • New 2 - Produces an acid pool on death. Takes 1 second before it happens similar to burner
  • Changed - Less HP damage from acid. Acid can now damage immunity while player is affected.


  • New - Can use groundpound ability, AoE is much larger but slightly less damage. Players and vehicles bounce up. Can only use when players out of melee reach but close enough, and/or when boulder throw is under cooldown.
  • Changed - Has 20% passive armor (0.8), hits causes knockback to players/vehicles including boulder throw. Has much better speed. Has flinch immunity

New zombies

More zombie type combinations

  • There are more forms of zombies you can encounter and not just normals, such as a flanker crawler and a burner sprinter.

Heavy (Body type)

  • The fat people before the apocalypse became zombies with better HP but slightly sluggish speed. Despite being on a diet, they’re still hungry like the rest of them.
  • Characteristics - Bulkier than a regular. HP is double of a regular, speed is between a crawler and a regular.

Chaser (Body type)

  • The gym regulars and joggers turned into zombies with good speed. Their toughness is questionable
  • Characteristics - Slightly slouched, arms drooping down. HP and damage is between a sprinter and a regular.
  • Ability - Rush to the player when close, increasing its speed

Chilled (Trait)

  • Zombies have somehow adapted to the cold causing their skin to harden but still hungry as ever.
  • Effect - Gain 20% passive armor (0.8) when spawned in snowy environment
    • Not a special type, works similarly to radioactive. Stacks with radioactive trait if in a deadzone

Armed (Trait)

  • Some zombies have a strange habit of holding on to items during the infection
  • Effect - Can use items as weapons for increased damage
    • Only melee weapons modify the zombie damage to be equivalent to the weapon’s damage (e.g. Knife, Sledgehammer, Blowtorch)
    • Other equipables are purely cosmetic (e.g. Canned Beans, Gas Can, Maplestrike)
    • Zombies hold items one-handed
    • Maybe items come from the spawn table they are set with?

Hoarder (Special)

  • Looks innocent until it notices you. Will call its nearby brothers to form a horde to try to eat you
  • Ability - Can provoke nearby zombies to follow the hoarder
    • Uses the ability every 10 seconds while provoked, uses it immediately once provoked.
    • Zombies following the hoarder are not aggressive to you until they notice you
    • Aggro AoE is the equivalent of a gun firing sound.

Lurker (Special)

  • A reverse Flanker. They stay hidden until it sees a good meal
  • Ability - Stays hidden until it notices a player
    • Cloak effect is similar to flanker
    • Slightly smaller aggro range for better UNEXPECTED encounters
    • Has normal zombie AI

I’m out of ideas. What do you think?


omg plz I just got through the phase of accepting that there were alternatives to nuking them. (Bookmarking post for later though. I have a couple mixed opinions, although afaik I like this zombie post more than most others.)


Crawlers are OP so I wanna make them more OP :wink:


You’re a sadistic motherfucker, ain’t ya?


This entire suggestion is very well thought out - I feel like I’m reading the change notes of a dungeon crawler/RPG.

Well done! I might edit this or post another comment if I see anything that I feel needs feedback.


New type, Clinger

Clings to walls/ceilings, when provoked will leap at the player.

New type, Mega Sprinter

Slighty faster than the player sprinting with a fully upgraded stamina skill, but has half the health of a mega.

New type, Mega Crawler

Slightly slower than the player’s base walk speed, but does insane amounts of damage, and has much more hp.


I like the Clinger part but the other two just kinda seem meh

Also the Clinger should be able to climb over walls and fences and stuff

Instead of fat zombies maybe athletic zombies would be more fitting? Or those athletic zombies would be just buffed up variations of the fat ones.

Regular zombies should be able to climb stuff too, but stuff like fences, cars etc. Not walls.

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There could be something between a regular and a sprinter (HP and speed variation). Like the opposite of a heavy

Since we’re doing changes and ideas in a sort of RPG changelog fashion, I’ll attempt to leave my suggestions here in the same format. Currently in unturned, all zombies have the same base health besides megas, which doesn’t sit well with me.
Basic police, fire, and probably construction zombies should have some extra health. Armor should help against bullets, making certain areas more viable to hit.

Riot Zombie: Special police zombie seen in SWAT areas (if added). Wears armor completely all over. Good speed and damage. Has a visor which must be broken in order to deal extra headshot damage (high caliber sniper rifles and other guns can generally break this easily, making generally PVP sniper rifles somewhat useful for PVE). Has a solid chance to hold a melee weapon.

Spec Ops Zombie: Fairly similar to the Riot, but has much more speed. Lacks a visor. Spawns in very high end locations.

Melee/item zombies: Zombies can only carry melee weapons.

Backpack Zombie: To compromise with the above statement, backpack zombies would have a guaranteed loot drop in their loot tier when killed. Most basic zombies have a rare chance to spawn with a backpack. Military zombies would spawn with a military tier backpack.

Runner rework: Changed to have a standing position. When alerted, runs with both arms out. Has a noticeably skinny body (enough to be unnerving). Very good speed, but often lunges, which can be countered by getting out of the way in time.

Missing limbs: Zombies can have a chance to be missing one or more limbs. This impacts their performance. However, only crawlers can have a missing leg, which simply slows them down even further, while all other zombies can have a missing arm (rarely, both). Zombies with a missing arm deal half the damage they would normally do. Common for basic zombie types.

Mega variants (In order of rarity and difficulty)

  • Basic: Standard mega which uses normal mega attacks. Wears military clothing.

  • Riot: Unique mega type which has much less health than other megas. Has a riot shield and large baton-like club. The riot shield blocks most small arm fire, and its club allows for high damage strikes. It is overall slow, in both movement and its attacks. It provides a mid-game challenge, and drops mid tier loot.

  • Acid: Spits acid often. Wears S7/lab equipment. Has other acid related attacks, such as spilling acid around itself in a protective circle. Acid that hits zombies gives them a speed bonus that wears out somewhat quickly.

  • Flame: Wears a burnt lab outfit and spawns in S7 areas. Acts fairly similarly like its 3.0 counterpart, but zombies set on fire simply gain a speed bonus and charge the player relentlessly (much quicker than acid boosted zombies) before slowly burning to death. A counter to the Acid zombie, and is interchangeable.

  • Cloaker: Much less health than standard mega types, but is far more speedy. Similar to the Lurker in that it stays cloaked before attacking. Rarely uses slow attacks, and prefers to charge like a runner. Cloaker megas have night vision that glows when out of stealth. After a successful charge, it will uncloak (if it cloaked mid-charge, which can happen) and stand for a few seconds, giving players time to engage or move. It can also be stunned by running into a wall. Can spawn instead of a Spec Ops and drops similar loot.

  • Spec Ops: The basic mega, but with more health, speed, and armor. Drops better gear, mostly end tier stuff.

Overall I’d like to see infected be vastly more dangerous and have a lot more variants and sub variants.

I would also have zero issues with night time being an utter cluster fuck like it is in Dying Light. Light inspiration from LFD2, Dying Light, and Killing Floor would be great to see. I want to be scared of some of these things, and I’d really like to see some messed up Scorpion 7 experiments.


oof it was a mistake to use the format

Dammit GreatHeroJ



One like: We’ve been looking at comments, and have decided to add a like to good ones.


My inner hatred for this format: Fixed some issues with our changelogs. We’re not doing them anymore.

oh and uh i edited my post so there’s a lot more now

Damn, I like this idea more

i like all except armed

mega already is faster than player so doesnt work xd

leaked pic of athletic zombie /s

i like them all, hopefully at least part of those suggestions make it.


plant sombi



(oof 10 characters)

Saying athletic, I meant zombies which got athletic body build. Basically undead bodybuilders, sportsmen etc.
Dunno how Nelson would handle the models though, they could be a little bit bigger than other zombies.

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