Zombies with hair?

Well, I believe that different from 3.0, some zombies should appear with hair in unturned II, mainly because we will have the possibility to transform ourselves into zombies, and it would be cool to recognize your “zombie me” by the hair, of course having only bald zombies can be justified as some effect of the virus, but it would be interesting to have zombies with stylish hair.


This is something I have always wondered because there is no Unturned 3.0, and I hope there is Unturned II, the hair on zombies. But they shouldn’t have bright colors like the players, but they should have more faded colors.


Anon, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re starting to post a lot of short topics that cover very small things that are mostly details and small additions that can be included in updates as a little “hey, that’s neat” type of thing, which isn’t really a suggestion and more of a wish.

It’s not against the guidelines of the Unturned II category or the SDG forum as a whole, but i think it would be better if you compile these little ideas/details into 1 topic, just for the sake of organizing it more and not having 1-2 posts a day.
I can’t speak for the others, but i think that people would appreciate it in that longer format.

As for the topic here; Sure! I’m pretty sure that hair will eventually fall off from an infected, but it’s not a bad thing to have some hair on the infected. Not only does it make sense that “newly” infected will have hair on their scalp, but it helps bring a little more immersion in the game. It indirectly reminds you that the infected in front of you was an actual person, with his own outfit and haircut and equipment. It doesn’t look as fabricated as in 3.0, like Scorpion-7 just released a massive horde of zombies with the same outfit selection as if they were on a conveyor belt or something.


As far as I remember, those infected are not bald for no reason, they became bald because of the virus.
In the stages of the virus, you start to lose your hair…

I actually think it would look pretty good if applied correctly! However, it would break the lore of the infection a bit. Unless we change the infection cycle a bit and there is a possibility that you don’t lose your hair when infected, either with all the zombies or only with the zombies that were players.

I agree, I think you have good ideas Animoanbu, but I think you could make more effort to accumulate them to have them in a single post or develop them more to have more content.

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