Zubeknakov 1 Minute Guide

The guide.

  1. Stat sheet:

  2. Recoil guide:

  3. Accuracy:


It’s your second guide I see and I already like you


Doing a really good work with all these guides, keep going !


Impressive job with these guides, the editing is extremely nice and has all of the information in a nice easy to process way, keep up the great work!

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Few things worth pointing out if you didn’t notice:

  • “Removes Bull Trails”
  • Hit markers weren’t added for the last damage calculation. :frowning:
  • Attachments for the Zubeknakov are not Military/Ranger, just Ranger.
    • If you put it an extra bit of editing, you could have an overlay appear with all caliber-specific attachments that it can accept. This could include the magazine attachments it takes, too. Aside from individually doing each specific magazine, you’d only need five setups for the barrels: Ranger, Ranger/Military, Military, Makeshift Muffler, and nothing.
      • It’d probably also help with stuff like the Scoped Ace and the Silenced Bluntforce on Russia?

I think using the poll cards could be useful when finishing up the video?

If you ever do sniper rifles remember that they have wear also with durability.


Shoot, forgot to change that when I took the file from the Fusilaut ones. I’ll correct in the comments due to lack of annotations now.

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The one thing annotations were good for. :disappointed:

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Fixed. Changed link as well.