Zubeknakov Rework

  • The zubeknakov should go back to its “PRE RUSSIA” state 45 damage per shot and a slower fire rate
  • The zubeknakov should have its damage bumped up to 40 to be on par with the maplestrike and have the current fire rate
  • Keep the zubeknakov as is

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I don’t see any reason to change it back. Zubeknov has a nice niche. Higher ROF, lower Damage, overall higher DPS. I enjoy it, and the higher ROF coupled with recoil keeps it balanced. Theres nothing wrong with it at all.

If anything the “PRE-RUSSIA” zubek was a bit unbalanced, as its recoil was the same, yet slower ROF (therefore recoil easier to manage) and then higher damage? More shots landed, more damage dealt. Compared to the one was have now, more shots fired, less damage dealt. It takes a bit more skill to land all or most of your shots, and costs more to upkeep ammo-wise.

Yeah that was an extra space that I was supposed to remove, but it couldn’t because it had already been 10 minutes so I just kept it there.

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its a popular option