I feel like the Zubek should have its damage increased at least back up to 40 because it is an AKM. Right now it kinda feels like a glorified SMG with its 37 damage.

bruh. thats like a 3 damage difference. -_-
upping it back up to 40 wont make it much better XD, you would still kill in probably the same amount of shots.

The original player damage was 45 by the way

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While I typically refrain from arguing about the real life counterparts of anything in Unturned 3.0, the Zubeknakov is not an AKM, it’s an AK-74.

I do agree that the Zubeknakov has been crippled ever since the classic got reworked, but it’s likely to stay that way. A 3 damage increase will help a tad though, taking armor into consideration.

It was 40 in the beginning and it was buffed to 45 in the update that buffed all the original ranger weapons. Then nerfed like two updates after Russia came out. It just wanted to have a modest increase to make on par with all the other mili ARs. Maybe below the Nightraider, AUG, and Famas.

Yeah I was playing a creative server earlier today and noticed the damage difference between the zubek and a nightraider against armored opponents. It also a 7.62 ak since ranger mags are based off the 7.62 mags due the curve being more prominent than 5.45 mags.

I’d just like to point out that comparing the curve of the magazine is a pretty iffy technique, I mean, think of all the other guns that accept it, as well as how even the military mag is a bit too curved.

Not really that important though, we can all agree that the Zubeknakov has lost a lot of viability.

Yeah it’s kinda sad that the only true ranger AR is the worst one the game now since the other three ranger ARs are mili/ranger now.

Still my favorite primary gun.