Devlog #008



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this is where you should have stopped and not posted your comment


you are right

nelson will finally make it
-you could add colors to a base paint (paint boxes)
-gun skins


what are you even talking about anymore


don’t add skins. it just makes the game unrealistic, but if someone wants to customize their weapon, there is stocks, handguards, and maybe even add spraypaint.


It is supposed to me dark it is a zombie survival game


Ha ha, Yes


geez, dont make like 5 posts, 1 reply is enough


One thing to say. EXCELLENT!


Hoped that it would be payed, but sadly no. The official server thing is a good idea however, keeps away the squeekers a bit. I also hope that gold servers get more attention, in 3.0 the gold servers were really underestimated and nobody played on them, but they could be really good seeing no 8yo’s can play on them (unless they have rich ass parents)


I love your ideas!! and the discount is great!


Oh my lord. Is this… Is this a dream I am living in?!

Seriously speaking though, I am so happy that there won’t be any more pointless, ridiculous microtransactions. Literally the most useless thing in gaming nowadays. The fact that it’ll be gone, alongside those silly looking costumes/weapon skins.

Handled flawlessly, I do have a question about it though. Will this pass be permanent? Or will there be different purchase plans (days, weeks, months, year etc)? Most would obviously prefer permanent pass, however, I’m thinking about the future.


I prefer to pay to have access to official servers as well as support the developer from which I have played his game for years as well as meeting some of the greatest people. Rather than supporting the developer via microtransactions, the pinnacle of the largest most utmost pile of crap in modern day gaming, the one thing that ruins the atmosphere of almost every game it touches.


I knew it!
4.x free, but paying to access the servers

Anywho, super excited and mega hyped for the beta. Can’t wait, I can already see that it’s worth all the wait


There will still be community servers as well I presume, right?


One thing from this devblog post I do not like the idea of is giving a discount to those who purchased Gold on 3.x…

Like, I get it. Appreciate it and am thankful. But come on Nelson. This isn’t charity. Everyone loves the work you put into your game and now games! However, I do not think giving a discount is a good way to go. This isn’t charity, this is game development. Since microtransactions are being removed (God bless Nelson Sexton), you really don’t want to be giving discounts to the majority of 3.x community. Because micro transaction for most of nowadays game development companies is a big way to earn more profit.


There are no April Fools’ Day jokes in the post.

That’d mean Nelson only plans to have one city/town per map, with neighborhoods replacing your typical cities/towns spread out, unless Nelson decides to redo the map’s geography based around Pineridge being one of several towns (and renames the map) down the line.

In that case, it’d be like how there was that one town in Unturned 3 that resembled an older town from Canada or Devtest or whatever.

This is correct.

This is a fair enough point but I feel like it implies that building trust with your community isn’t that important compared to a big way to earn more profit. Building a community is useful, especially long-term.

Regardless, we don’t know how much the pass plans to cost anyways. It could easily be 5 USD, or it could be 20 USD. It could end up being a subscription rather than a one-time payment. Depending on the price and whether or not it’s permanent, a different amount of people will purchase the pass for just having official servers.

Micro-transactions through skins and cosmetics, although they’d go against the intended feel of the game, would still be the most effective for supplying the finances required to host the servers and the websites and all that. They’re easily more marketable, too.

When skin creators catch up on news, some will likely be disappointed, especially with normal mapping supposedly being a thing, so Nelson’s current plan could change far down the line anyways.


In the end, I don’t see official server passes being discounted as a huge deal, unless Nelson decided to expand the benefits of the pass (and also told us the price he had in mind).

Can we stop and appreciate an updated Trello and the roads not being surrounded by dirt?


That was one of the things I was wondering, whether or not the pass will be a subscription or not. There isn’t much point going further into detail with the conversation in regards to this in my opinion. It’s difficult to talk about this since it requires more of an evaluation to make a final decision on it.

Yes, skins and cosmetics do have an effective effect on financial support, however. They could also be a discouragement to some people who are looking into playing the game, for example. They see an amazing trailer showcasing the game, grim, dark-ish, dead interesting. It creates a great image for them. Until they get in-game and they see flashy/popping skins which go against the image of the game. A decision of adding micro-transactions into a game is important, especially if it’s a zombie survival game which attempts to portray a more realistic view. Which is why these skins & cosmetics look natural to 3.x. It’s a difficult decision which has its pros and cons.

Add/remove micro-transactions

Remove Microtransactions
Pros: •Keeps the same rigid image the game was meant to have. • Wider age range (Certain cosmetics could be a discouragement to the older age groups). • The game presents itself much nicely providing a higher standard to perhaps other developers.

Cons: •Lose extra possible financial support

Yes, to add onto this. The game is turning out looking really, really awesome. I am just so stunned by the density of trees, and this town being in the middle of it. It just really looks fantastic. Super excited for play testing.


more likely not, because it was posted 2nd april. But who knows? ;(


i dont understand a thing,the guys what have gold upgrade for 3.0 will get a discount for 4.0 ?or we will get a discount for the server acces??


Hey … That´s pretty good !