Devlog #008



Regular is more a title of respect and maturity than being on the forums for a long time. You need to be well liked by the community and active to get it.


Of course you would say that.



How is this relevant to anything?


He’s a regular saying that being a regular is a sign of respect and maturity, and only we’ll liked and active members become regulars.


It’s an automatic system with specific requirements, the users having the “Regular” rank don’t have any powers regarding who can earn it.


Ive only ever been a admin once. And I lost it the next day. For no reason T-T.


I was only an admin on a server that my friend hosted, but removed the server the day after.
So i know how you feel


@Llamaturkey101 @Aj_Gaming @Harvest @Kylie

Keep it on topic please


Roger dodger, sir
Was just throwing a random suggestion in hopes Nelson sees it


Well integrated what , there are a lot of integrated graphics cards that are very good ,for examople Iris from the microsoft surface laptops is integrated but even if it’s not for gaming it’s way better than a gtx 750 ,and amd has lots of high end gaming graphics processors that are integrated