Eating corpses


this sounds kinda morbid, but to add to the sort of survival aspect you should be able to harvest the meat of dead players, for easy food, except maybe your radiation goes drastically down

Dead Thread Remembrance


Unless you were talking about cooking em first.

Also, would be nice if zombies have an “eating corpse” animation to “mock” dead players.


This game is free to play. Free to play means children. Cannibalism isn’t a very good thing to teach to children.


This would make spawn camping far too viable.


yeah, good point… if there was some way to combat spawn camping though


Wait, why cooked?


No. That’s it, just no.


What? What do you mean? You can eat raw animal meat


It’d add a survival aspect, surely. You’re starving in the cold, and then you see a pack of players wandering the mountains, you get into a gunfight with them and kill them, except you’re real hungry, and you could eat their corpse, as a last resort for food. It’d add realism


I’d rather not eat people. Not only is it too far for a game like this, but it’d be easily farmable.


like others have said, it’s pretty morbid and doesn’t belong in a F2P game lots of kids are gonna play. Now only that but it isn’t the most balancable idea, and would require a serious drawback to prevent a simple link between KOS and food, which may or may not make the idea useless in the first place.


it would make me Puk- (Interview cannibalism video flashbacks)


wait then a player would be a walking food source… so more people will kill each other to get food…hmm i thought this game was supposed to promote pve


Man me and my friends would betray each other so much for that 10% nutrition…


This isn’t Rust, cannibalism is a pretty distasteful idea (both figuratively and literally).


animal meat =/= human meat

Fun fact: human flesh in particular has an organic chemical in it that makes eating anything more than small quantities toxic.

This is also one of the reasons why when sharks unknowingly bite people, they immediately let go. We’re pretty unappetizing.


Do you like eating corpses of people?


nice pun arnt u a punny guy


That’s not a pun, it’s a homonym.


Oof. (10 characters)