Eating corpses


honestly I think the sort of stereotype of people wanting 4.0 to be some spotless survival game is kinda stupid. I don’t like people KOSing, but like, maybe to add realism people should be kinda forced into teaming with people, and killing random people for food if there’s no other option. Maybe, to add realism the radiation bar would go drastically down from eating human meat… it would add a unique feeling to the game. It has been done in real-world times of survival, when people had no other option. During plane crashes for example, when people had to eat the dead for food.


And honestly? “teaching kids cannibalism?” Kids are killing each other all the time in this game, I don’t see why it would be any worse than that. Hey, blood comes off people when you kill them, it’s not as if that’s bad.


There is no way cannibalism can be a balanced feature when players can respawn.


I mean, what would be interesting is if there was a countdown or something after you died. But whatever, that’s beside the point


slap a “when were you born” thing ontop of the steam page


yo mom can i go play unturned?
play what honey?
that game where you kill people and eat them after

Jesus christ man, the things you come up with.


This game is meant to be survival, if kids dont want to see this stuff (steam will have some tag thing for cannibalism probably) then they just shouldnt play it


A tag on the store page is not going to stop people from playing.


Gore in games is rare outside of the horrour game genre. As proven by 3.0 and many other titles, we dont need fucking cannibalism to have a good survival game experience.


Why did you have to revive this idea?



He’s a nercromancer


if you can eat player flesh,means you can also suck milk from their nipples AHAHAHAHAHA(

what im trying to say is…eating corpses is a bad idea unless its zombie animation


Wtf. It’s a fucking survival game, how you survive doesn’t matter as long as you survive. Also, there is something called AGE RATING. In Unturned 3, you kill other players and zombies, and thats not good to teach kids too…


Yo yo chill man no KOS


You kill other players and zombies, but with childish graphics and not even blood decals left on the player models. Cannibalism is an entirely different level, and if you can’t understand why I’d say you don’t have much common sense.


Don’t imagine his from the kids perspective, imagine it from the parents. STORY: a kid is playing unturned II, and their parent walks in the room.
Parent: what are you playing?
Kid: unturned
Parent: what’s it about
Kid: surviving from zombies and other players.
Parent: -sees the cartoon graphics and thinks, that’s not too violent- -as the kid kills a player, cuts off his arm, and eats it-

(Also if enough parents complain, then think of the legal issues).


It’s sad to think that if there was ever any major controversy with this game, it’d probably be the death of it.


Aqui no brasil os pais deixam os filhos jogarem GTA V e assistirem dead pool isso nao é um problema (Portuguese)


What if the explosive bubblegum made it to the local news headlines?


It might not be a problem for people in portugal, but, in America/Canada/Britain, it is a problem.