Eating corpses


HE SAID BRAZIL, but all of we know that parents don’t really know what their childs are doing at the internet (not that I agree with that).


Are you forgetting about Australia?



as I said, it’s people saying 4.0 is supposed to be a more realistic survival game, but then say that it’s not family friendly or whatever.
Don’t know about the U.S, but over in the country I live nine year olds are playing Wolfenstein. It’s nit that big of a deal.
I personally believe, as I said before, it would add to the survival aspect. Think about it, it’s happened during the Siege of Leningrad, people had to eat corpses off the street to live.
Also, think about it. Nobody’s going to stop KOSing. It’s a hard truth. So I think it’d add actual meaning to the killing.


Are you blind? These are all the countries where that would be a problem. Also, Wolfenstein is just another generic survival shooter with a storyline. All you do is kill people, and that isn’t the issue. ITS ABOUT EATING OTHER PEOPLE. THATS SERIOUSLY MESSED UP. WHY NOT TEACH THEM THAT THERE IS OTHER NATURAL FOOD BESIDES OTHER HUMANS?


And killing people for no good reason (kosing new spawns) isn’t as messed up as eating them?


I’m worried about our societies future.

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Why do you think the only game which has cannibalism in it is “the forest”?


Well, actually, there’s other games like Rust, but I can agree that cannibalism for Unturned II is both distasteful and unbalanced.



agreed, it would make it more survival centered, but would get rid of the unturned atmosphere and feeling.


End of the line, it’s unbalanced. That’s really why it shouldn’t happen (besides it being utterly wrong)


there is cannibalism in rust? I didn’t know that


You can harvest people like you harvest animals, and one of the things you get out of it is human meat.

Rust, however, balances cannibalism amazingly well. Unturned II cannot.


I was thinking about giving a shot to Rust in the far future until now lol. How does that happen to be “balanced”?


I do not recall this existing in any iteration of Rust ever.


I’d rather see zombie cannibalism


maybe not Rust I was thinking of. Another survival game, i think


i mean, wouldn’t zombies eating each other kinda fuck something up? like idk, it’d kinda make them lose their significance as zombies


idk, it seems to me that zombies would have a thirst for human meat? idk


I have to agree, this is Unturned, not a copy of some other game. It might be cool though to see mods for this though, keeping the vanilla game as its own for copyright reasons and so if you didnt want to see cannibalism, then you could just not download the mod.


The reasons why I completely despise this whole suggestion

  1. Food isn’t that hard to find in Unturned.

  2. The game is rated 6+ and wouldn’t benefit from a change to 18+ in any way.

  3. All acts of violence portrayed in-game are considered “mild” for how childish and undetailed they look. Taking down enemies is a main mechanic in most genres of video games, so it has turned normal. However, cannibalism hasn’t, and would scare the living hell out of children. *(Do my sanity a favour by not objecting this with “They can just not play”)

  4. Cannibalism can’t be excused with the killing already practiced in-game, because it’s literally eating corpses of other people, which I’m sure not even serial killers would do.

  5. It’s plain disturbing. One thing is coming across a player and killing them. Other is killing them and making a fucking meal out of their corpse.