Eating corpses


Amen, brother.


Let’s take a look at Unturned 3.0 for a second to show how easy it is to find food in this game (subject to change in 4.0 if course but I don’t expect Nelson to change much about the spawn tables) on Washington in Tacoma there are 15 or so buildings, let’s say half are houses, that’s half spawning food already, there’s also a diner, fast food, gas station, and a police station, which all spawn food, plus any zombies from the diner or fast food. It’s right next to 2 spawn points, animals spawn there, and there’s a military survivor camp thing that nobody goes to right up the road that I think spawns food, if you can check all of those places and not find anything it’s probably better to run North because once you’re over the bridge where at the very worst you’ll find seeds and rope to make fertilizer until you head just a smidge further north, find a whole new town with food+Scorpion 7 which has an entire room that spawns food.


Trust me, with the whole push for survival-centricism and hardcore, somewhat punishing gameplay in Unturned II, you’re definitely going to see completely different spawn tables. Chances are, that also means no more ridiculously easy loot farming.


i know we are going for realistic here but whats more important is fun.


its not fun to eat people… wth man


reads title
throws up in mouth
Maybe, but not something you’d do unless you were desperate… Also, very unhealthy regardless of how you cook it.


How would you know? /s


this has got kinda out of hand.
my point was, if you were in a very desperate situation you could eat meat of corpses. It’s you people who think it should be a more realistic survival game, and in many survival scenarios in real life people have had to do that.


But is it worth it making this game 18+ just so some creeps can have satisfaction in eating humman flesh?

Also yes, unturned II is looking to be dark and more realistic, but were not going to see a aim to be completely relistic, like I see some funny quirks added, but this…but…

All of you that want THIS feature out of all the OTHER features you could possably have, are mentally unhealthy.


when you think about it though, cannibalism is (mildly) better than mass murder.
Also, if the game was 18+, parents wouldn’t let their young kids play it, so the game wouldn’t be filled with screaming 6 year olds.


Also, if the game was 18+, parents wouldn’t let their young kids play it, so the game wouldn’t be filled with screaming 6 year olds.

Tell that to CoD, R6S, PUBG, and various other “18+” games that have plenty of younger children playing it. Not to mention Unturned is free, so the parent doesn’t even have to know about it on any credit card statements or similar.

Anyway, it seems like the general consensus is against the idea of cannibalism, and for good (if somewhat hypocritical) reason. Cannibalism isn’t really a pleasant thing, and only really is done by extremely desperate, or extremely unhinged people. When you’re playing a game where you know you can just respawn, that desperation kind of loses its value, and then at that point the game is simply promoting cannibalism in a roundabout way.

I’ve got to agree with most of the arguments here that this wouldn’t really be a useful nor pleasant thing to add.


dang. oh well


If Unturned wasn’t filled with children, it would be a great game… if only 4.0 cost money


I hate children tbh
If we had cannibalism maybe there wouldn’t be as much children.

The downsides of Nelson trying to please everyone is having to exclude these ideas that can be considered “Obscene”


The problem with cannibalism isn’t that it offends people. (There are people who are offended by games with guns, but that doesn’t really matter.) The problem is that there is no good way to balance it in a game where players can respawn infinitely. Either the game would become all about industrial level harvesting and processing of human flesh, or cannibalism would be irrelevant.

Dead Bodies

Let the corpses stay dead. I don’t want body harvesting like in Rust. It’s just too unsettling.

Instead, add a way to bury a dead body to get rid of it. (despawns after being buried and wont become a turned) (also add digging in general, but only deep enough for a basement)


I’d like to see a buried corpse as a trap.

But yeah beating a dead horse is rather unpleasent.


yea i agree eating people is not fun that is my argument


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