Eating corpses


How would you measure the damn in-depth caloric and nutritional system without damn percentages?


Yep. I guessed that would happen if I put that option xd


…with calories? Like, it’s literally in the name…

If you’ve literally never played a game with an actual calorie system, we need to have a talk.

Calories are a unit of measurement of energy in case it was so horribly unclear, so why use some stupid abstract percentage measurement when you can have an exact calorie count? This also accurately represents starvation as well as the human body’s ability to build up and store large quantities of calories in various forms, such as fat.


It would still be a number. You could easily switch the hunger bar with a calorie bar and use numbers up to 2000 or so and it wouldnt be any diffrent than the current hunger system, which is what im assuming red assumed instead of what you meant, which would be a comprehensive system.


I wouldn’t force a 12-year old to memorize how much calories are in each individual food, how much he uses, and how much he needs to replenish. Just using percentages is fine.


So, you’re telling me that you want to force a hard limit as if all the calories you eat just magically fizzle away after some arbitrary amount, while simultaneously dumbing down the entire concept of survival altogether?

In a hardcore survival game? Just so people can “memorize” food values more easily?

Yeah, I’m good. Besides, the description of the item could easily display how many calories it has, since ofc packaging even does that IRL anyways (and because many games do it too)


It really wouldn’t be any harder to call it 110% food than 2200 calories. The units you’re using to measure don’t actually change what mechanics you have and what affects are applied at what quantity. For all I care Nelson could call 2000 calories 5000000 impittysquats.


Exactly, the point I’m making is that RedComm’s argument about “but calories are confusing for 12yo’s” is absolutely moot.

Anyways this has gone way off-topic and I’m making a calorie system post sometime in the future.


I suggest a more kid-friendly way of implementation this.

Instead of mocking players by eating their corpse, why not just teabag them?


The Ability Stats menu exists to display statistical information like that (when it comes to items). Memorizing 10% or 110 Calories isn’t needed. Memorize what’s good and what isn’t as good.

A similar menu could be made for displaying medical issues and stuff regarding calories/vitamins, if needed.


How about we make it so people need to alternate between foods to keep getting full benefits.


vitamin system =/= calorie system

Alternating between meat and veggies won’t save you if there’s not enough to begin with

also ahem offtopic


fucking hell
why does every suggestion need to be “kid friendly”
kids are the reason unturned is fucked up, so why do we need to tailor to fucking kids


I dont want to explain every word I say. I put “radiation” in quotation marks because Im not sure if it will be in 4.0, but I am sure some similar concept will be, such as eating rotten food will get you sick. I also put “radiation” bar in quotes because thats what the OP said. I prefer to use the same words as the OP so there is less confusion. So I did not really make the same kind of assumtions I just ironically accussed you of.

And I did not say the corpses should make you thirsty but rather sick. Im not sure it would be a good idea to stockpile a ton of corpses that would and make you sick anyway instead of real food. Plus I doubt human corpses are that common to make it brokenly overpowered to the point where you have an infinite amout. You dont encounter players every minute.

I dont see how killing yourself would be viable. You lose all of your progress, your gear, etc just for some food you would have to walk a few kilometers to get just to get the food you would probably replenish upon respawning anyways.


Before this wall, I would like to apologize to everyone I pinged that may have been done with this thread.
Another necroposty long-winded extravaganza!

Certainly morbid, but an interesting idea. Harvesting the flesh from a dead person would yield 35-45 percent of a person’s body weight in muscle depending on their sex. Easy food is subjective depending on how armed and aware the player is, but you are right in the idea that you’d get quite a bit of meat. (About 60 lbs of muscle off a 160 lb person, so quite a few chunks of meat from 1 player).

I like that you made a counterpoint to cannibalism in order to discourage players from it. Instead of a immunity stat punishment I would prefer the mimicking of the Kuru disease. This disease features bursts of laughter, tremors, muscular dysfunction, and a few other terrifying effects that would hinder a player.
There is no cure/treatment that I’ve read/heard of. Prions are super scary!

Do bear in mind the lack of realism with this since prion disease can be asymptomatic for easily a decade. Throw in the word “mutated gene” and it’ll make sense, right? :wink:

Overall, a food source that sports a permanent debuff like this would only appeal to the most desperate, or the most daring/stupid/crazy of players. Perhaps a creepy cannibal RP server would come out of this?

Another effect of butchering/consuming a person would be the loss of reputation. Seems sensible to think that in most cases, preparing and consuming another human as food is awful. To adjust for desperation, reputation decreased could be lessened the closer a player is to starvation.

Too stuck up for raw people, huh? /s

Cooking wouldn’t get rid of the risk of Kuru, but at least it wouldn’t come with the intense immunity decrease that raw meat usually sports.

Zombies going down on their Manwich seems like it’d be a nice touch.
A useful distraction if zombies swarmed a fresh kill, ignoring survivors nearby so they can sneak past.
That aside, it would suck to see your corpse being treated like community Mongolian BBQ.

Murder or theft aren’t great to teach to children, but both are present and possible in Unturned currently. Online games in general can teach youth some pretty off-color things/phrases. Club penguin was intended as a children’s game, but that was frequently used bombarded with obscenities. I’m sure Steam and Cartoon Network have games for those with more delicate sensibilities.

For reference, Dwarf Fortress is free to play. If you don’t know what that is, good. I’m not linking it, but it’s a game with some morally deficient elements. I doubt much of the playerbase of that game are children, and if they are I don’t understand why they would replicate nearly anything in that game that is described.
It’s graphics aren’t very representative, but descriptions and potentials for action are what I am referring to.

Yeah, the debuff I described above would hopefully be enough of a deterrent for most players to decide against using other players bodies as a food source.

For those who find this disturbing, it could very well be an option to toggle off for servers. Seems reasonable enough given that the suggestion of cannibalism is quite gruesome to think about or see represented.

Pretty on board with the potential risks for cannibalism. Could you post some sources for the “organic chemical” and shark bit? I’m not trying to banter, I’m curious and I can’t find specifics regarding this.

I assume /s, but that would be quite the perfect storm in the apocalypse to find a person who is lactating.

Imagine the rational perspective knowing that the parents aren’t responsible enough to do more than a glance at a game to see if it’s appropriate for their child. GTA looks like a nice walking simulator until you shoot up a strip club and peel out in a stolen car.

Legal issues if enough parents complain? How much would enough be, and what legal issues would arise?

I don’t get it.

Wolfenstein 2 is a pretty brutal game with depictions of surgery while awake, Nazi overlords, decapitation, torture, and a plethora of awful things that occur in the game. There is certainly the potential for conflict, but “All you do is kill people” is downplaying the game’s content a fair bit. Onto the issue of cannibalism.

I agree, cannibalism is considered morally wrong in most cases. I’m sure that there will be other sources of natural food in the game, as there are berries, deer, and crops in Unturned 3.0.

I doubt Unturned should be used or considered an educational tool, and I assume all, if not the staggering majority of people on this planet are aware that there are other foods besides other people.

I’ll provide a quote from gaurd that is a fair point as well:
“And killing people for no good reason (kosing new spawns) isn’t as messed up as eating them?”

Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, GTA Liberty City Stories, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and The Walking Dead (Telltale; season 1) all have depictions of cannibalism in them.

The greatest mosh pit. Arms would literally be thrown in all directions. \o/

  1. Typically, yes. However, desperation may lead a player to take the risk of eating another player’s flesh if an option. It would be a complexity component in the game.
  2. Where do you see an official rating for Unturned? The only ratings I found were 12+ and weren’t official.
  3. Morality is not dictated by the commonality of an action. Atrocities like slavery, cannibalism, and war aren’t less moral now than they were a couple hundred years ago. Though this delves more into semantics and philosophy regarding how morality is determined. (a bit off-topic on my end)
    I propose a question: If cannibalism were a main and normal mechanic in most genres of video games and were depicted in “mild” fashions, would you consider it more acceptable?
  4. Some serial killers do practice cannibalism, namely Jeffery Dahmer as en example. The comparison with murder to cannibalism seems intended to show that people may be more offended by the consumption of a corpse than the murder of the person to make that person a corpse in the first place.
  5. Oh yeah, I agree it’s disturbing. Even in DayZ, where this is an option, I don’t utilize the cannibal mechanic present. (I usually starve to death or suicide if I end up with no food)

I think it’d make for an effective motivator to defend yourself and survive if you knew a group of roving cannibals were after you. I’d have fun RPing that for sure!

I’m sure those in favor of this feature (myself included) don’t solely root for this feature. This is one of many features that many would like to see added.
That aside; the attempted armchair psychology wasn’t very effective.

You wouldn’t have to accept it. Fight against the cannibal menace with your trusty rifle in a crusade against evil! Sure isn’t nice to call people scum, though. :frowning:

With you on that. I could see this being a mod if it were not a feature to the vanilla game. I’m partial to dark nitty gritty gameplay, so I’m in favor of it as an addition.

+1 on that. This deserves it’s own thread! /s


Mainly, this suggestion just doesn’t seem to fit in a game like Unturned. If we factor out kids, it still does not seem like something you’d find amongst a game of its calibre. Cannibalism is rather dark of a theme for a game that while zombie themed, should be more playful and not ultra hardcore.


By ‘Scum’, I was referring to the new prison-ish survival game that was released into early access a while back, with one of the mechanics being cannicalism without much consequence.


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