Everyone is here! (Forums Edition)




Animatic: Commits Seppuku!



If that’s a half assed attempt to get yourself up there just know it ain’t happening big boy


Thanks! I wouldve made a lot more but it got repetitive quick, and plus some of the ones I was going to make were a bit hard without the appropriate profile pic :confused:


If you want a smash pic from Animatic, just follow this one step.

  1. Lemme smash, please


You couldn’t even get the PNG oh l o r d


Not sure what quite happened there, it shows up fine if I just click on it, maybe it has to do with the fact im on my phone.

Lemme smash, please


Hey, that’s MY job!

[awoos the competition]


change your description to sand


Notices your reply



I never made fanfic for myself, but here is my vary old hand-crafted logo I use 199_1.

Feel free to go for a oo7 (the agent), midevil, or combination of both theme.

or whatever you think of me RL theme


I see a book and two swords, not really getting 007 vibes.


da name my man, but however … I was about to accidentally say something terrible… He wants to draw me up


Wait, it’s pronounced peede double oh seven? In my head I’ve always been mispronouncing your name.


This meme is dead.

Now make a despacito parody but with everyone’s faces featured in it.


I honestly hope you’re being sarcastic.


No, it isnt an attempt. I will seriously murder you if you do it. (actually, this does sound like an attempt, huh… ehh whatever)
(why am I posting random memes from the internet? I dunno)


Ezcse me
But where tf am i in this post? >:(


you arent a regular anymore, like me XD so theres no way we would make it. though as I said, stahp posting people on dere animatic. or I will murder u


Shit :confused:
How long does it take for me to get back to Regular, dammit? XD